Scarborough Tweet-Taunts Romney: 'A Real Conservative Would Be Winning Now'

The Huffington Post is happy: "MSNBC's Joe Scarborough offered some harsh words for Mitt Romney via Twitter on Saturday night."

"Romney will lose if he doesn't dramatically change his strategy," he said. "Negative ads won't substitute for conservative ideas."

The 'Morning Joe' host continued: "The Romney campaign is not conservative. It is just as cynical and risk-averse as Team Obama. A real conservative would be winning now."

...Scarborough also on Saturday criticized Romney for his vague policies.

"Romney has been clear he will avoid specifics on balancing the budget and shrinking government. Not the Reagan and Thatcher way," he said. "The truth is that Thatcher would have lost in 1979 and Reagan would have lost in 1980 if they had run as timid a campaign ad Mitt Romney."

He responded to critics: "Yikes. Denial has set in. Circle the wagons, ignore the storm clouds, blindly follow...Go Team Go!!"

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