Politico's Martin Goes Snide on Ryan: Mr. Wienermobile 'Slinging Cheap Margaritas'

Politico's Jonathan Martin is putting on his "cracker counties" snob act again in attacking Paul Ryan's resume, much like Ryan Lizza of the New Yorker, only meaner.

This was how it started: "Flipping burgers at McDonald’s, steering the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, slinging cheap margaritas, and toning abs and pecs. That’s about the extent of Rep. Paul Ryan’s private sector experience." Again, this from the liberals who weren't in the habit of mocking Barry Obama slinging Bubble Gum ice cream?

Perhaps Martin's suffering from an aggressive rewrite man? He seems more respectful deeper in the article:

While he wasn’t exactly a job creator, Ryan has hustled to earn a living over the years, a skill many pols never have to develop.

In high school, the Badger State native worked on a series of entry-level jobs, including a stint on a grill at a local McDonald’s. During college, he worked as an Oscar Mayer salesman and got a turn on the Wienermobile. And in his first years in Washington, he paid the rent thanks to a gig at Tortilla Coast, a Capitol Hill watering hole, and a job whipping people into shape at Washington Sport and Health Club.

Someone thought the first sentence of this article was the funniest, but the hilarious passage comes later....as if a person willing to stab Romney in the back anonymously to a reporter would earn the term "loyalist" somehow:

Ryan’s detractors, speaking anonymously so as not to criticize a potential Romney running mate, point out that the congressman is almost entirely a product of the Washington political universe.

“Why wouldn’t we run against Washington with two outsiders?” said one Romney loyalist.

Apparently "loyalist" is someone who won't put his name  on a stupid-Romney-pick quote. Just once, a reporter should write, a source was "speaking anonymously because he/she is a cowardly careerist."

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