Daily Kos Blames America First for Aurora Shooting

July 20th, 2012 3:49 PM

While the Daily Kos first reacted with horror like everyone else to the Aurora shooting, it didn’t take too long for the America-bashing to begin. The blogger known as “Killer of Sacred Cows” grew angry that Rep. Louie Gohmert would suggest the madness could have been stopped sooner if someone else in the theater was packing heat. That apparently put him in “Idiotsville.”

But KoSC really wanted to blame the American Culture of Violence for the shooting, that our screwed-up social system doesn’t tolerate diminished mental capacity, it creates it:

...we keep seeing the MSM talking heads endlessly speculating on why he did it. But notice - nobody is going to bring up "the American Culture Is Violent" as a reason, because that would mean it's not just about this one crazy lone gunman, but about US. And that means we might have to change.

The problem with that is getting past the mental and emotional resistance of those who continue to believe that we're the best country in the world, the best culture ever produced by human beings, and the best everything else...

It's the American culture of violence that allows a dips--t like Louis Gohmert, (R) Idiotsville, to claim that more violence will somehow solve the problem of violence and to know that the majority of his supporters will agree with him. It's the American culture of violence that moves people to support vigilantism instead of due process. It's very likely the American culture of violence that causes people like James E. Holmes to do what he did - one person on my Facebook page said "I find it interesting that the automatic reaction is that this is diminished mental capacity, instead of a reaction to a system." That's because we can't handle the fact that diminished mental capacity often comes about AS a reaction to a system.

While we mourn the loss of innocent Americans, it might be worth adding that another Kosmonaut, Paul Bibeau, after unloading his opinions on Bible verses and Chick-fil-A, thanks the restaurant chain for its effective killing of those disreputable Southerners:

“I love your chicken, by the way. I mean, it's so unhealthy it's probably killed more Southerners than crystal meth, General Sherman, and illegal fireworks combined... but it's undeniably tasty. If you stop shooting your mouth off about that book you haven't read, people like me might come back.”