Mika Brzezinski Learns From Daddy All About the Benefits of Failure -- Which He Certainly 'Achieved' With Jimmy Carter

For Father’s Day, the national Sunday newspaper supplement Parade Magazine again consulted Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski for some reflection on their dads.

Mika said "My father taught me to look at failure as a good thing, even if you don’t realize it at the time, because it opens the door to other opportunities." That certainly sounds right when your dad was in charge of "national security" under Jimmy Carter and had that great record of accomplishments like losing Afghanistan to the Soviets and the Iranian hostage mess.

Of course, that never stops Zbigniew from lecturing the dreaded "neocons" on how they’ve ruined the world, as if Jimmy Carter’s presidency was an era of international triumph. His failures never stopped him from being honored as some kind of legendary pundit.

She added, "When I called him the day I was fired from CBS, weeping, that’s what he told me, and he was right. It was like getting a gentle, fatherly, loving embrace over the phone. It made me feel like the little girl he used to hug when I fell down."

That’s nice – and getting fired from CBS (where she wasn’t well known) was not a bad thing when she had yet to find her calling by going on cable news and looking down her haughty nose at everyone who’s ever consumed a sugary soda.

Mika also said she admired her dad’s "moral compass," but admitted "The only thing I didn’t listen to was how hard to study. I got into trouble with every report card." That’s never stopped anyone from a successful career in television. And yet they still mock conservative politicians as idiots.  

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