Daily Kos Distorts Old Scott Walker Clip to Insist He Was Soft on David Duke

May 22nd, 2012 11:18 PM

On Daily Kos, Jesse LaGreca calls himself “Ministry of Truth.” That moniker certainly doesn’t match his latest blog post, headlined “Young Scott Walker downplays KKK Grand Dragon David Duke's extremism”.

Using a very selectively edited video, LaGreca asserts “Walker can beat up on labor rights but he couldn't bring himself to bad mouth another Republican, even if that Republican is a self avowed white supremacist.” But in the actual video, Walker attacks Duke as a neo-Nazi and compares him to cannibal killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

It’s a video from 1992, when Scott Walker was a 24-year-old spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. The issue then was whether Duke could get on the Republican presidential primary ballot. Walker said Duke could sue or gain 1,000 signatures in each of the nine congressional districts to get on the ballot, but Duke protested he should have the same rules as the other (ahem, real) Republicans. Walker said "We have moral problems with the background of David Duke."

At that time, the national media wanted to spread the idea that the Republicans exploited racial division to gain votes, so Duke was just a harsher version of their brand. Walker complained that “David Duke has become a creation of the media, that the national media has hooked on to his background and created him.”

Walker said issues of job security and welfare reform were real issues, but he also said: "The key is, we feel that in particular you are hiding behind these issues that are legitimate issues, but do not necessarily make you a legitimate candidate, any more than in the city of Milwaukee, if Jeffrey Dahmer were to stand up and talk about family values, he’s not a legitimate candidate." La Greca can only see an "overlord" that must be crushed:

If Scott Walker defeats the recall election it will embolden every Corporatist politician in America to kick the effort to repeal the 20th century into overdrive, every union busting, privatizing, glad handing corporate sellout politician will be greasing his palms, knowing that they can make life worse for 99% of Americans so they can hand the benefits to the wealthiest 1% with zero political repercussions.

Throwing Scott Walker out of office should be the Number One priority for every one not only in Wisconsin, but in America, because Scott Walker is the new prototype Citizens United Koch fueled corporatist overlord that is being unveiled across the USA, a bullshit driven hatchet-man for the billionaires who takes bribes, breaks laws and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wall Street. This is what Oligarchy looks like. One billionaire to rule them all. Wisconsin deserves better. America deserves better.