Daily Kos on Mississippi: 'Suck It, Forced Birthers'

You've heard of "birthers." But at the Daily Kos, anyone who opposes abortion is a "forced birther." Tub-thumping abortion advocate Kaili Joy Gray is not someone you would call gracious in victory when the Personhood Amendment was defeated in Mississippi.

Her first reaction for all her Kosmonaut friends: "Suck it, forced birthers."

Despite a poll earlier this week showing Mississippi voters split on the Personhood Amendment, voters decided to reject "biological ignorance." So for now, pregnant women won't be cruising in the carpool lanes.

This is a stunning defeat for the forced birthers who were trying so desperately to strip women of their right to life-saving health care. But this victory for those who believe in women's rights—and science—is just the first step in fighting back against this extremism.

Gray also tweeted in triumph: "Every sperm is sacred, every sperm is great ... But truth, science and women's rights are a little more sacred after all."

Isn't calling something "sacred" a violation of church-state separation? Oh, and Kaili also had this classy retweet: "RT Personhood amendment in MS going down in flames certainly shut the f*** up. // Win win!"

Christians really bring out the F-bombs in Kaili, ahem, "Joy."

Gray objected earlier to the church-state separation violation that was somehow in this amendment:

Of course, the state has no business making such declarations—that we are made in the image of God—the law of the land. But hardcore believers, like proponents of the Personhood Amendment, seek to destroy the separation between church and state, and they see this amendment as another step in that direction. And of course it would make abortion, contraception and embryonic stem cell research a crime.

At Slate, David Plotz and his colleagues posed some semi-tongue-in-cheek questions about the meaning of Personhood for eggs: Can you drink at 20 years and three months? Can you collect Social Security at 64? Would a "dependent embryo" be tax deductible? Would sharing an ultrasound at Facebook be considered child pornography? How does this affect the census?

Pro-lifers can easily turn this around: abortion cheerleaders like Kaili Joy Gray thinks a born-alive baby is still a "fetus" that can be terminated despite an ability to survive outside the womb. Who has "personhood" and "science" issues then?

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