Daily Kos: 9/11 TV Specials Will Drive Right-wingers to Murder

George W. Bush may no longer be president, but leftists still hate remembrances of 9/11, since they perceive the "faux patriotism" it inspires to be too militaristic and pro-Bush.

For an added layer of fervor, there's the Daily Kos leftists. The aptly named "Agnostic" of the "Church of Ineffable Stupidity" has decided that not only will the tenth anniversary media remembrances be a sickening "orgy of flags" and patriotic music, it's likely to inspire mouth-breathing right-wingers to murder some dark-skinned Muslims:

The plain truth is far worse. Instead of being patriotic, instead of reminding us of our loss (as if we forgot or can ignore it), this kind of overdone, faux Patriotic display makes us weaker and more vulnerable.  It teaches future terrorists that we are easily deluded and confused, that we can be easily scared with the slightest of threats, and that we are weak, ineffective, and impotent as a nation.

Even worse, it will drive the idiots among us, the racists, the anti-Muslim Christian cultists and functionally illiterate, gun toting TeaBaggers into acts of domestic violence, simply because their targets have darker skin, speak with a mid eastern accent, and cherish their god with a different name. Too many brews, too little brains, and an IHOP in Atlanta can soon be the site of death, even against loyal, patriotic Arab-Americans. It has happened before. It will happen again.

Lastly, this faux patriotism is corporate media's way of attacking the democrats, and in a rather underhanded way, the President. Not once during the next week of orgy-like fawning over our loss, will democrats be credited for any success. Bush, his cronies, and the military will be shown, ad nauseum.  Each and every program will try to outdo every other station, while missing the big pictures and big questions.

Even before the murder-inspiring claim popped up, "Agnostic" was already nauseous:

Every cable, every local, and every national program is considering just how they can out do everyone else with their upcoming orgy of flags, patriotic music, photomontages of the twin towers collapsing, crying firemen, injured soldiers, and the aftermath, filled with dust, destruction and fire. It is a contest unlike any other in our history.

After Pearl Harbor, there was anger, reflection, and a quiet determination. Sure, there were a few voices screaming for justice and vengeance, but there were far more voices simply swearing an oath as they volunteered for military service. Ten years after the fact, the brutal, bloody, and ghastly image of war was so inedibly etched into so many millions of Americans, even though few actual battles took place on or near our territory, that the 10 year anniversary was mentioned, but not "celebrated." Not like 9/11 will be.

For myself, anything over the top (TV pharmaceutical ads, Reality shows, Sarah Palin, Pro Wrestling, and the like) gives me gas, or this feeling of urgency to find the remote. I suspect that the next week will be the worst ever experienced.

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