Laura Ingraham Presses George Stephanopoulos on ABC's Smutty AM Music Acts

Since conservative talk-radio star Laura Ingraham confronted NBC morning co-host Matt Lauer on NBC about the sleazy acts the Peacock Network booked for its summer concert series, Ingraham applied the same scrutiny when she interviewed ABC Good Morning America co-host George Stephanopoulos on the first hour of her radio show Thursday. She asked about their booking the group LMFAO for today. (That's short for "laughing my f-----g a-- off.") George touted they "scrubbed their lyrics" for the ABC show.

The ABC host was more contrite about Nicki Minaj, who had too much of a breast pop out on the August 5 edition of the morning show. Stephanopoulos said GMA has a delay button, but the producers "missed" their opportunity to keep ABC decent. It sort of a made a mockery out of the song Minaj sang. It's called "Where Them Girls At." (One of them girls was breaking out.)

At one point, Minaj raps in the song "You can suck a d--k / Or you can suck a ballsack."

ABC isn't so slow when it comes to damage control. Many blogs that linked to video on this incident now say "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Disney." Ingraham told Stephanopoulous that Disney should have more decency in choosing its musical guests in the first place.

Stephanopoulos claimed that ABC producers and the Minaj camp had a long discussion about what would be appropriate dress for the concert segment. If you're willing to believe that, the sensation-seeking, ratings-grabbing ABC producers are obviously terrible negotiators.

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