Minnesota Laugh Lines: Voter Tells WaPo Obama 'Inherited a Very Big Deficit'

The Congressional Budget Office recently reported "The federal budget deficit was about $1.1 trillion in the first 10 months of fiscal year 2011...66 billion less than the roughly $1.2 trillion deficit incurred through July 2010." President Obama has tripled the size of President Bush's largest deficits. But for Tuesday's paper, The Washington Post and reporter Zachary Goldfarb plucked out this voter from Obama's bus tour stop in Cannon Falls, Minnesota to utterly ignore reality:

"I think he’s doing a good job. He inherited a very big deficit,” said Bob Sixta, a financial planner from Rochester.

Earth to Goldfarb, Princeton '05: Do they not teach math at Princeton any more? Perhaps Obama inherited a very big deficit, but he's hardly done a good job in reducing it. He's tripled it. But the paragraph wasn't finished. Sixta added: “He and Michelle are the first residents of the White House to be familiar with both organic food and leftovers.”

Does Bob Sixta (pictured at right; photo via Facebook) sound like a Democrat? It sounds like someone with the same name who argued for Sen. Al Franken in 2009 on the leftish Minnesota Independent website:

Norm Coleman should take the honorable action and congratulate Senator elect Al Franken and offer support so that Minnesotan and the nation can move forward addressing the grave issues facing our state and the country. On the other hand, if I were Norm I’m not sure I would willingly return to the dark side of Bush/Cheney supporters and tell them “Look fellas we had a good run, but misplaced our integrity and honorable action”. For some reason those folks don’t strike me as being from Lake Wobegon.

Goldfarb's story was limited to Obama's quotes attacking Republicans who would "rather see their opponents lose than America win." There were no Republican candidates (or Republican voters along Obama's bus tour) included.

He made no mention of conservative complaints that Obama is riding a new $.1.1 million armored bus so he can look like a man of the people, or that the White House lamely denied that this is a campaign trip that needs to funded by the DNC instead of the taxpayers.

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