Ed Schultz Guest: Obama Carries Our 'Spear'

Brian Maloney at Radio Equalizer was stunned to hear trial lawyer and radio host Mike Papantonio (formerly of Air America) say on the Ed Schultz radio show that Barack Obama is "carrying our spear" for the progressives.

Maloney wrote: "JUST IMAGINE the reaction to a conservative host using ‘Obama’ and ‘spear’ in the same sentence! It would dominate the news cycle for days.But don't expect Sharpton & Friends to protest this one." Maloney’s blog has this audio from April 13:

PAPANTONIO: I think he's a terrible negotiator. Think about his background. He comes from a professorship teaching constitutional law at Harvard [incorrect]. Now, there's no negotiating involved there. He doesn't get, you know, down and dirty --

SCHULTZ: So why did progressives support him then?

PAPANTONIO: Because he is good for progressives. Don't get me wrong, Ed, he is good for progressives. He's the only guy out there carrying our spear.

Just before that, Papantonio was disgusted that Obama would give any credibility to that "freak" and "little boy" Paul Ryan: "Every time he gives credence to this freak Ryan. It's not just Ryan....he's just a boy. Ryan is just a boy. He's a boy for the Koch brothers. He's no different from Christie or Scott Walker or Rick Scott. But every time he gives the little boy some credibility, it’s a problem. And he has the tendency to do that."

Papantonio had a very exaggerated sense of where conservatives are going: "We’re not going to have government disappear, because that’s what the Republicans want, that’s what Koch wants right now."

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