Randi Rhodes Crudely Mocks Christine O'Donnell's Prim Sexuality: 'Hymen Check!'

Liberal talk radio host Randi Rhodes rejoiced on Wednesday over victorious Tea Party candidates Carl Palladino ("a seriously creepy, creepy guy") and Christine O'Donnell ("you've got the anti-masturbation paranoid creationist lawyer where we could pick up a seat"). But Rhodes decided to go scabrously nasty and personal against O'Donnell, complete with flagrant virginity mockery:  

By the way, Christine O'Donnell. It comes to my attention, uh, Deb tells me that Christine O'Donnell is not married....she's an unmarried woman. Hymen check! [plays popping noise] She'd better be a virgin! Right? With all this vitriol about sex and sexual thoughts and lust and not masturbating and it's wrong and what am I doing in the room...

I know she had a boyfriend. I know she did because her then-boyfriend -- then campaign manager -- purchased her house when her house was in foreclosure for her! Uh, do you think he did it with lust in his heart?

Uh, I don't know what his motivation was to overpay for the house. But he overpaid by about $35,000 to get campaign manager, who is buying her house today - so, I would like to, you know, make sure she says who she says she is, and that the package of what you are buying is undamaged! Sounds kind of fundamentalist Islamic, doesn't it?

It's probably too much to expect this will cost Rhodes the kind of trouble she received for denouncing Hillary Clinton as a "big f---ing whore." That outburst cost her the Air America gig, before it sunk. Would Rhodes appreciate what an opposition-research team could report on her personal life?

Like many liberals, Rhodes rejoiced in the disapproval of Karl Rove, and then she turned around and mocked how Rove helped get that "draft-dodging drunk ex-coke freak" George W. Bush elected president twice:

Karl Rove does not like Christine O'Donnell; I don't know what the deal is. I'm not sure why this uh would be; but he really hates her. I mean, he's on the air giving everybody everything what they need to actually say congratulations to uh you know Senator Chris uh, uh, uh -- I just blanked out on his name. Chris -- Coons! Seriously, I mean, Senator Coons, you know, is a gimme now because the Republicans are eating their own! And uh, frankly, Karl Rove is leading the charge.

She wasn't counting on the establishment in the general election for sure; but I mean, the way things are going, you can't count anybody. You know, it's going to be like a blowout. They don't feel that she is fit for office. Karl Rove doesn't feel she is fit! Remember, Karl Rove got a draft-dodging drunk ex-coke freak who couldn't put a sentence together with a flashlight and two hands on a sunny day with a map. Couldn't figure out Iraq was not Saudi Arabia, OK? He got him elected twice!

Rhodes dismissed all the conservative Republican women running for office as Palinesque opportunists who were only interested in cashing in:

They are all little Sarah Palin wanna-bes. They're all opportunists. None of them have character, or sincerity, or truthfulness. None of them have the kind of fortitude to stand up against the lobbyists. They're going to go in there and they are and make millions of dollars! And some of them will go in there and be one-termers and embarrass their party. But then they'll go over to K Street and they're set for life! Set for life! These women are opportunists; and the only reason they are being embraced by factions of America, which doesn't like Americans, is because people are frustrated. And the only thing that the Republican Party and the Tea Party has offered is the acknowledgement that you are frustrated.

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