How Crazy? Actress Boasts She'd Kick Limbaugh In His Lady Parts, Michelle Malkin in the 'Nut Sack'

After her ranting against Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday's Larry King Live, actress Aisha Tyler tried to sound high-minded after she was accused by Dana Loesch of playing the race card: "Look, I'm a progressive, but I have a lot of conservative friends. When we have a conversation, we're not screaming at each other about who is wrong and who is right. We trying to figure out how we're going to move the country forward."

Really? Because when Tyler appeared that morning on Stephanie Miller's liberal talk radio show -- the oh-so-dignified radio home of slavish Obama talking points and crotch humor -- she was joking that she would like to kick Michelle Malkin in her "nut sack" ("wear a cup, lady.") And she'd kick Limbaugh in his "vagina."  [click here or on Tyler's picture to listen to MP3 audio]

JIM WARD, Miller sidekick: I’m not sure, which is worse, if he actually believes all the crap he [Limbaugh] says, or if it’s just an act?

TYLER: I actually felt that way about Ann Coulter. She says the most outrageous things and I think sometimes she says them because she knows they’re going to get on --

MILLER: Of course, of course.

TYLER: -- I don’t know. I can’t decide either because okay it’s theater, so maybe there’s some kind of sophistication involved. 

MILLER: I knew her years ago. I’ve said this many times on the air. She at some point went "oh, I have to say crazier bleep to sell books." 

TYLER: Yeah, but now she’s being out-crazied by Michelle Malkin, who by the way I would kick right in the nuts if I met her. (Miller and staff laughing) So Michelle, don’t let me catch you at the Beverly Center cause right in the nut sack is where my foot’s going. Wear a cup, lady. 

MILLER: Well, unless they get rid of the 14th Amendment and then all the anchor babies are gone so you’ll have to go somewhere else to kick her. 29 minutes after the hour.

TYLER: If I ever meet Rush Limbaugh, I’m kicking him in his vagina.

This is just the latest way in which the Stephanie Miller show proves liberals can manufacture the exact opposite of high-minded National Public Radio.

PS: On his show Tuesday morning, Bill Press explained that right-wing talk show hosts are slavish "kiss ass" repeaters of the Republican line, while the liberals are fancy-free:

The difference between the right and the left is, the right will-- they will, they're lock-step, you know? They will go right down the line, it doesn't care. They may disagree, but they will zip their lip and they won't say anything, and that's what you'll hear on right-wing talk radio, is just talking points, talking points, talking points, kiss-ass, kiss-ass, kiss-ass. That's not who we are on the left! That's not who Democrats are, that's not who Liberals are, whether you're on the radio like me at the microphone or you're out there like all the rest of you and most Americans just listening.

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