Female Condoms for Gay Men: the Latest D.C. Government 'Stimulus' Expenditure

Talk about "stimulus" spending. The gay DC weekly magazine Metro Weekly comes with an article by David Pittman on how "female condoms may be some gay men's new best friend." This may be a little difficult to report on in a family newspaper like The Washington Post, but casual sex is once again being subsidized by the condom enthusiasts at the District of Columbia Department of Health:

Ramirez recommends inserting the condom before going to a party or club where the likelihood of hooking up is high.

''There's always an excuse not to put on a condom,'' Ramirez said. ''With the female condom being in already, it's like you don't have to bring up the conversation. You go straight to it.''

Recognizing their value, the D.C. Department of Health launched a campaign this spring to hand out 500,000 female condoms in beauty salons, convenience stores and high schools [!] in parts of the city with the highest HIV rates. But just like with anal sex, female condom insertion differs based on the bottom's comfort level, users say.

''The female condom is really no harder to put in there than anything else,'' explains Jon Vincent, program director for prevention and education at Fenway Health, a Boston health provider that posts an instructional flier on its website for men on how to insert a female condom....

''Generally speaking, that person's going to feel less [comfortable] than they would if they didn't have something shoved up their butt,'' Vincent says. ''[But] psychologically, someone who's prepared and wearing a female condom beforehand, they might feel more comfortable.''

PS: You could also find in Metro Weekly the latest gay-left defense of the Ground Zero mosque:

At the very least, these arguments against the mosque are very telling. What they say to me is that the people making them don't understand what makes America so wonderful. It also tells me they can see the forest, but not the trees. I don't imagine Palin would want me to sum her up as a beauty queen and leave it at that. Or Gingrich as an adulterer, no more no less. But someone who can look at the billion-some Muslims in the world and cast them all as ''creepy other,'' would likely have no problem doing the same with LGBT people.

Because I do not share Gingrich's desire to emulate Saudi Arabia, and because unlike Palin, I think a this mosque will actually aid America's healing, I welcome the mosque to Ground Zero. And because this is America, I'll cross my fingers that an LGBT community center moves in next door.

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