Jon Stewart's Wife Tears Up in Presence of the Obamas

It was "hobnobber heaven" in Washington after the Kennedy Center Honors on Sunday night, reported the Washington Post gossips Roxanne Roberts and Amy Argetsinger. The Obamas were present, but had no receiving line this year (due to Salahi-gate, we're told). But Daily Show host Jon Stewart and his teary wife met the Obamas backstage:

They told us the Obamas slipped backstage during intermission to greet the performers; Tracey got teary when it was her time to shake the president's hand.

"It was quite a moment," she said.

"If he hadn't stepped on her foot, she wouldn't have cried," joked her husband. "That's what happens to the little people."

Brian Williams and Katie Couric also came down for the shindig, and one ABC reporter dated an Obama administration official:

Hey, Peter Orszag, your date is hot! The lady on the OMB director's arm turned out to be ABC business reporter Bianna Golodryga.

Also in Style, Post TV writer Lisa de Moraes jabbed ABC for what she labeled a reality show titled "Sanctimoniously Dumping Adam Lambert." But sanctimonious? That might be Lisa metaphorically comparing Adam Lambert to Jesus:

In the course of that interview, Babs suggested that the second Station of the Cross should be that Lambert perform on her talk show "The View" to demonstrate he can behave -- except, of course, it's taped. But "The View" will do a big number Thursday. Clever Babs.

With the Post cutting off its bureaus outside Washington, de Moraes may soon have to find another location to unload crazy math like this, claiming that Lambert's performance was both (a) harmless since it aired at 10:55 pm and (b) entirely responsible for the show's higher ratings before that:

Let's review the numbers, shall we?

A. Lambert's performance attracts an additional 2 million viewers to ABC's broadcast last month of the American Music Awards.

B. ABC receives 1,500 complaints about Lambert's AMA show.

All caught up?

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