Time Gives Bobby Jindal Ten Questions, Like 'Why Are You a Skinny Geek'?

March 6th, 2009 7:52 AM

Time offered its "Ten Questions" interview to Gov. Bobby Jindal, but the questions it selected from readers were mostly negative, underlining how unpopular the GOP is. One even insulted his personal appearance, with the increasingly common liberal mockery that he resembles the nerdy Kenneth the Page character on NBC’s 30 Rock. Here’s a sample:

What is your reaction to the negative reviews of your response to President Obama's address to Congress? -- Tanya Gupta, Washington

I live in a volatile seismic area and was troubled by your comment that funding volcano-monitoring is "wasteful." What makes some spending superfluous? – Caitlin Kidder, Kent, Wash.

What do you think of comparisons following your speech between you and a character on 30 Rock, Kenneth the Page? -- Jae Edward, Minneapolis

Voters rejected the GOP in November. What changes do you think it needs to make in order to become relevant again? – Ankit Agarwal, Boston

Why are you turning down stimulus dollars for one of the poorest states in the Union? -- Sonja Blair, Edmond, Okla.

How can Republicans address the lack of ardent support among younger Americans? -- Adam Ashe, Baton Rouge, La.

Does conservative philosophy need to be tweaked, or is it sufficient for our current troubles? -- Brett Hampton, Salt Lake City

Nancy Pelosi was the last politician selected for the Ten Questions feature, and while she faced a few hardballs (including far-left ones about why she took impeaching Bush off the table), Time found no one to ask demeaning personal questions about her appearance, like "Radio host Mark Levin calls you 'Stretch Pelosi.' Did the plastic surgery help you achieve high office?"

If I were Jindal's press secretary, I would complain to Time that pornographer Hugh Hefner received a much more favorable set of questions, except maybe for this little exchange:

Do you ever feel like a dirty old man? -- Lisa Pearl, Toronto

Hefner: Not for a moment. I'm on the side of the angels and always have been.

Previously: the Alec Baldwin interview was soft, too. The first question asked him to praise Tina Fey's impression of Sarah Palin. The inevitable question about him screaming on an answering machine at his daughter was sugar-coated. It didn't get political until question eight.