Elisabeth Hasselbeck Says Palin Wardrobe Scandal Coverage Is 'Deliberately Sexist'

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the one, outnumbered Republican-sympathetic co-host of ABC's The View, introduced Gov. Sarah Palin at a rally in Tampa, Florida today, and let the media have it. Reports the New York Times:

"Instead of the issues, they are focused, fixated on her wardrobe," Ms. Hasselbeck said of the news media, drawing loud cheers from the crowd. "Now, with everything going on in the world, seems a bit odd. But let me tell you, this is deliberately sexist. I know you know that."

After taking the microphone, Ms. Palin hinted that she agreed with Ms. Hasselbeck. "The double standard here," she said. "Gosh, we don’t even want to waste our time."

Hasselbeck added: “I’m most impressed by her accessories, you know, like the flag pin she wears in honor of her son and our military — men and women — fighting abroad.  And they fight for our every right to be here today.” 

She started by joking she was honored to be there, but then "I was pretty much excited to talk for a full five minutes without being interrupted."

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