HBO Campaign-2000 'Recount' Film Endorsed by Liberal Media

Here's another sure sign the new HBO Campaign-2000-nailbiter movie "Recount" will have a liberal slant. (Sunday NB post on a review in Entertainment Weekly magazine, "HBO's 'Recount' Movie: Favors Democrats, Harris as Cruella De Vil"). In a full-page newspaper ad appearing on the back cover of the A section of Monday's Washington Post, it was endorsed as "terrific" by a list of Gore-voting liberal media notables: Joe Klein, Matt Cooper, Jonathan Alter, Tina Brown, George Stephanopoulos, and Judy Woodruff. The movie's slogan is "The future of the nation was hanging by a chad."

We haven't seen these quotes in print, so we assume they come from a celebrity screening or publicist interview. The text below in bold tells you which words were increased in size for emphasis:

The votes are in.

Joe Klein, "Terrific"

Matthew Cooper, "HBO is as good as ever. Watch ‘Recount’ and see...[they do] history better than any other studio."

Jonathan Alter: "This is the seventh presidential campaign I’ve covered for Newsweek and Recount conveys the nitty gritty of politics better than any movie I’ve ever seen."

Tina Brown: "The suspense is so skillfully maintained, it actually makes you unsure of the outcome. The smartest movie of the year."

George Stephanopoulos: "The fight for Florida was the most consequential political battle of our lifetimes. Recount captures the stakes and the strategies with amazing clarity."

Judy Woodruff: "Recount," the fascinating story of 37 days that changed the political world, is as exciting to watch today as it was to cover eight years ago; an HBO tour de force."

Forgive us if this seems like a sign that the fix is in, not that the filmmaking is first-rate. We'll have to see.

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