Daily Kos Wishes U.S. Was Invaded To Regain Its 'Compassion'

Little Green Footballs has reported on the latest left-wing lunacy from the incredibly popular Democrat website Daily Kos, the Internet force that nearly every presidential contender sought out for support. The diarist "professorfate" thinks Americans are not only a flock of sheep, but that they need an invasion and occupation on their own soil to get their empathy and their consciousness raised: "It only took one incredibly destructive Civil War to make the United States realize that - oh well - this is really not an activity in which one wants to engage in one’s homeland - better to do it in someone else’s country." (As LGF put it, "being invaded, slaughtered, and occupied is the only way we’ll become a nation of compassionate pacifists.")

As a nation the United States no longer has the remotest idea about what it really feels like to be part of a war zone. Americans have lost the empathy that is necessary to make an informed, meaningful, compassionate decision about whether or not war should be waged. While candidates fight over who has the required experience to properly oversee our republic’s international interests, none realize that none of them have ever felt what it is like to have war waged in their neighborhood and occupied by intruders. While they may claim to know when to wage wars and to know the horrors of war, they only know them intellectually. They can’t claim that they have emotionally felt them. No one who was born and raised in the United States can claim that and none can really feel it. We have allowed a Congress and an administration to encourage hate and to hi-jack our compassion. In fact, as a nation we have lost our compassion.

Unfortunately, America is at a point that to be able to really feel again, to regain that compassion, it needs to be invaded and occupied in the same way that we have invaded and occupied Iraq. Then there might be a greater chance that Americans will be more reluctant to accept the invasion of another country. Maybe seeing and feeling the same level of destruction that we have inflicted on Iraq, at least the American public will understand why invading another country is unconscionable except in the most dire circumstances - which means after that country has directly attacked the United States. And that has not happened since World War II.

Wouldn't it be interesting for the major media to put this question to the Democratic candidates. Wouldn't it make an interesting poll? What percentage of Americans agree with the Kosmonauts that we need to be invaded and occupied to raise our consciousness?

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