Not Bad: Washington Post Plays March for Life on A-3

For pro-lifers used to being ignored when they come to Washington for the annual March for Life, Wednesday’s Washington Post story will please them. It’s placed on page A-3, and even more surprising, it came with a wide crowd shot that lets the reader see the rally’s size (it’s a shot by a Post photographer, not the Reuters photo the website used). The headline is "A Youthful Throng Marches Against Abortion." The story underneath by Sue Anne Pressley Montes is straightforward, as she noted "In many ways, the march resembled a gigantic pep rally, with smiling teenagers in matching scarves or sweat shirts holding school banners high as they moved along."

The Post website also has a brief video, although it’s simply some of Bush’s remarks over AP video, not really a Post staff production. The story was not located anywhere on the home page this morning (although you could find it on the Politics page).

Last year's story was on A-10, and it had a more traditional story featuring both sides of the abortion debate. The Montes story had no reply from abortion advocates. I participated in the March yesterday, and saw no sign of pro-"choice" hecklers or street debaters (although my group didn't march all the way to the end.)

Yesterday's rally certainly did have a raucous, youthful feel, with chanting and cheering. But no presidential candidate attended again. Last year, Sam Brownback spoke and had his presidential campaign posters everywhere. The only sign of a presidential campaign yesterday came from Ron Paul boosters.

CORRECTION: ....And Ron Paul himself, who spoke at the podium. MRC's Matthew Balan corrected this distracted marcher. Matt has also reminded me (more than once) that Duncan Hunter spoke at last year's March (but he had no army of pamphleteers like Brownback did.)

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