Gooey Brian Williams: Mother Earth an Abused Woman

It might be highly predictable than the media elite would favor a green sheen on Time's Person of the Year debate, but Brian Williams has taken his "Mother Earth" campaign to a whole new level of goo on his Daily Nightly website:

I made my annual pilgrimage to the Time magazine luncheon designed to narrow down the nominees for "_____ of the Year" on the cover of Time. Forgive the blank, but over the years it's been a noun, a pronoun, a proper noun -- it's been a lot of things. My nominee was a woman -- a victim of abuse. A strong, resilient woman who is a constant topic of discussion these days: Mother Earth.

A strong, resilient woman who been victimized and keeps on ticking? How long before Williams starts comparing Mother Earth to Hillary? Hat tip to Rachel Sklar's account at Eat the Press, and she added this tidbit:

The ever-careful Williams responded that, whatever politics one might have, there was no denying that green-awareness had trickled down to "amoeba level."

Speaking of awareness at the "amoeba level," as strange as it might seem to news junkies, I had a recent conversation with family friends about the news business, and they said to me "Who is Brian Williams?" This might explain the Saturday Night Live gigs and the oozy green platitudes.

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