A Cursing Flying Nun? Sally Field Says No 'God----' Wars If Moms Ran World

September 17th, 2007 7:08 AM

Fox’s swear-word hunters were quick on the button at the Sunday night Emmys, including an "anti-war rant" from actress Sally Field. A cursing Flying Nun? AP reported that Field "screeched at the audience to stop applauding so she could finish talking — and then was bleeped by Fox censors as she stammered through an anti-war rant." AP added:

"And, let's face it, if the mothers ruled the war, there would be no (expletive) wars in the first place," Field said, but Fox cut away for much of her comment.

Backstage, Field told reporters that she wanted to recognize mothers who wait for their sons to come home from war. She added, however, that she "didn't have a political agenda."

Told that she had been bleeped, Field responded: "Oh well. I've been there before. Well, good. I don't care. I have no comment other than, oh well. I said what I wanted to say. I wanted to pay homage to the mothers of the world, and let their work be seen and valued."

Pressed for more comment, she responded: "I think probably shouldn't have have said the God in front of the ... I would have liked to have said more bleeped-out words."

Field won an Emmy for her work as the mother at the center of ABC's "Brothers and Sisters," the show perhaps best known to conservatives as the one in which Calista "Ally McBeal" Flockhart was supposed to play a right-wing talk show host.

Profanity aside, Field's tiresome feminist conceit that if women ran the world, we'd have world peace is a regular trope of another alleged media genius -- CNN founder Ted Turner. He loves to say: "Men should be barred from public office for 100 years in every part of the world. ... It would be a much kinder, gentler, more intelligently run world. The men have had millions of years where we've been running things. We've screwed it up hopelessly. Let's give it to the women."