Philadelphia: City of Sisterly Termination?

Matthew Balan showed me that The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that a woman "who considers herself an advocate for issues affecting women and families" is all about declaring that Philadelphia is officially a city where women can safely "terminate" pregnancies and insure they don't create a family. Couldn't they just call her a liberal, or an abortion advocate? Patrick Kerkstra reported the vote was nine to eight:

Already this year, more than 50 resolutions have sailed through City Council, including those that honored Miss Philadelphia, chastised Don Imus, and designated "Safe Kids Week." With rare exception, these purely symbolic gestures are approved by unanimous voice vote.

That wasn't the case yesterday, as Council proclaimed Philadelphia a "Pro-Choice City," which supports "women's reproductive rights and freedom" and defends "the right to choose a legal and safe abortion as a final but critical option for women."

Though the resolution has no practical implications, it was strongly opposed by eight of 17 Council members and generated an immediate and sharply worded rebuke from Cardinal Justin Rigali, who urged "people of good will" to reject the "divisive and erroneous label that Philadelphia City Council has forced upon the citizens of Philadelphia."

The resolution was sponsored by Blondell Reynolds Brown, who considers herself an advocate for issues affecting women and families. Brown was pressed by her colleagues to withdraw the resolution, but she refused.

"At the end of the day, we decide what we want the city to look like and be about," said Brown. "We as Council members will speak to our hearts and our minds and vote accordingly."

Doesn't "Safe Kids Week" collide with a "Pro-Choice City" declaration?

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