Hula-Hooping 'Death Bunny' Taunts Walter Reed Vets

Payton Hoegh at captured an odd Easter weekend occurrence outside Walter Reed. Here's a story you won't see in the Washington Post: the hula-hooping Easter death bunny.

With temperatures dropping into the low 30s, Easter weekend felt more like Christmas in the nation's capital, and with anti-war protestors dressing in creepy costumes, it looked more like Halloween to some critics, too. CodePink, Veterans for Peace and other anti-war groups have been holding demonstrations outside Walter Reed Hospital for almost two years.

Outside the hospital over Easter, one protestor wore a black outfit with a skull and cross-bones emblazoned on his chest and a pair of pink bunny ears on his head. Adding to the creepiness, the bunny was hula-hooping next to his peace sign.

To the dismay of pro-troop counter-demonstrators at the scene, the anti-war bunny was protesting in clear view of families coming to visit or happening to pass by the hospital.

The pro-troop demonstrators were appalled but not surprised by the stunt.

"This display is typical, rather than any kind of extraordinary effort on the part of the anti-war left," Raoul Deming, whose son is an active U.S. Navy officer, told Cybercast News Service. "Though the mainstream media wishes to portray the anti-war left as rational and representative of America, they are not.

"It made me sad that our wounded are being taunted by today's anti-war left the same way our troops were mistreated during Vietnam," Deming said. "It makes me more committed to exposing their agenda and publicizing the real danger these groups present to our troops."

Payton added that CodePink representative Gael Murphy told CNS on Thursday that her organization had no hand in the Easter Bunny stunt. She claimed its weekly demonstration at Walter Reed is "a very discreet, dignified project."

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