CBS's Morley Safer Loves His Vices, Says 'Saints Are The Most Tedious People'

Brian Stelter at TV Newser reproduced some New Year's resolutions from CBS News stars from their weekly newsletter called the "C-Note." The head-turner in an otherwise routine pile (like morning show host Hannah Storm resolving to "take more naps") is long-standing "60 Minutes" correspondent Morley Safer saying he never wants to be a saint, since they are "the most tedious people." He boasted:

"I resolve to never make resolutions. My sins are all pleasurable, my virtues impeccable. I love animals, small children and I am never cruel to grown-ups, unless it is absolutely necessary. I smoke too much and occasionally over-medicate on good red wine. Saints are the most tedious people, humorless and lacking in imagination. I have no intention of ever becoming one."

Many Christians, especially Catholics, would like to rebut Safer with a cavalcade of interesting saints with great imaginations. But as a journalist, Safer has had wackier notions of religious faith. In April of 2005, as the Catholic cardinals considered replacing the late Pope John Paul II, Safer was suggesting that white Catholics in America and Europe would leave the faith if the new pontiff were black:

Safer: "Father [Thomas] Reese says the choice of [Nigerian Cardinal Francis] Arinze would have a profound impact in this country."

Reese: "It'd be very supportive of black Catholics and Christians in the United States, who would see this, that this is not a white church. This is, this is a, this is an international, intercultural - -it's a catholic church."

Safer: "But it--would it lose some of those American and European Catholics who might already be tottering anyway?"

Reese: "Well, I mean, if--if somebody's gonna lose--leave the church because we have a black pope, I --in my opinion, they should have left the church years ago."

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