ABC Lets Franken Attack the Right on USO, Ignores Franken Smearing Troops For Laughs

Brent Baker's dispatch on ABC's "Nightline" showed a dramatic liberal bias, with ABC providing left-wing comedians Kathy Griffin and Al Franken a platform to mock more conservative performers like Mel Gibson and Rush Limbaugh for not doing their part to entertain troops on the USO circuit.

Author and blogger Alan Skorski is America's most determined Al Franken watchdog, author of the new book "Pants On Fire: How Al Franken Lies, Smears, and Deceives." In December, Skorski noted on his blog one angle that ABC has yet to explore: whether the allegedly troops-loving Franken should be allowed to entertain the troops when behind their backs, he laughs at them as prisoner abusers. He reported in December there is a brief clip from a song called "Sorry," an Abu Ghraib-ish parody of our marauding troops from his "Very Best of The O'Franken Factor" CD.

sorry 'bout the prisoners

sorry they got raped

sorry they got tortured

sorry it got taped...

believe me when I say their apology is sincere

I'm awfully sorry for that broomstick up their rear...

Of course, it's also oddly audacious for ABC reporters like Terry Moran to tap conservatives for not loving the troops after their absolute feeding frenzy on the Abu Ghraib story and their celebrity worship of anti-war smear artists like Cindy Sheehan.

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