Getting Nasty Over Tom and Ted and Tim Playing Nice

While we've tried to police the pajama party in our comments section (you behave down there or I'm coming down!), some disgruntled lefty bloggers wail in sordid tones without a nanny. James Wolcott putting down someone else for being sour is certainly an accomplishment of some sort:

Take Tim Graham, for example. The righteous stick up his butt extends to the top of his head, leaving a little nub that he's convinced has magical qualities. He believes that if he keeps rubbing it the Hooters girls will bring him extra pie.

Put aside for a moment how difficult it would be to feel magical while impaled from bottom to top. I must confess I've only been to Hooters once, for an MRC employee's farewell lunch (although the ham and cheese was magical, as I recall.) Wolcott thinks it's quite un-Christmaslike to demand Brokaw and Koppel get something more difficult than a manicure from Tim Russert.

Wolcott moves on to attack Stanley Kurtz for his distaste for HBO's forthcoming series on group marriage called "Big Love." Kurtz is one of the country's leading experts on the polymorphous perversity spreading here from the "sophisticated" shores of Europe. The new trend toward "group marriage TV" is also captured today by Brent Bozell's new column.

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