Chicago Sun-Times Gives Barack Obama His Own Section

In a July 12th NewsBusters article I noted that the Chicago Sun-Times made a move to revitalize their diminishing subscription numbers by turning back time and returning to its liberal roots. That sentiment was captured by Cheryl L. Reed in a statement she made after being promoted from the paper's book editor to the new editorial page editor.

We are returning to our liberal, working-class roots, a position that pits us squarely opposite the Chicago Tribune -- that Republican, George Bush-touting paper over on moneyed Michigan Avenue. We're rethinking our stance on several issues, including the most pressing issue facing Americans today: Bush's war in Iraq.

Since that time we have seen the Sun-Times take a confusing path toward that end. On the one hand the Sun-Times is one of the few mainstream newspapers to provide any in-depth coverage of the deepening scandal that links Barack Obama to indicted influence peddler Tony Rezko. At the other end of the spectrum however we have seen the Sun Times put a fawning Lynn Sweet on special Obama detail where she once cooed "I've worked out several times next to Obama at the East Bank Club, but alas, could not follow him into the locker room.."

It is important to keep a certain perspective when reporting for the mainstream media; especially if your are doing that reporting from outside the mens locker room at the ultra-expensive East Bank Club on Chicago's Michigan Avenue. By all means Lynn please don't do anything stupid and commit MSM suicide by reporting how down to earth Barrack Obama is by mentioning that the left's new man of the people works out at a health club that features a Tuesday Lobster special. We wouldn't want to poke holes in that man of the street mystique that you all have worked so hard to create.

The latest move by the Chicago Sun-Times in the direction of their liberal roots is the sidebar they have added to their political section that gives Barack Obama top billing with his own section above the generic "Politics News" catch all for all other low priority political coverage.

I visited the Obama section of the Sun Times and was fully enlightened by the grumblings among observers who have re-branded the newspaper as "The Obama-Times". It is truly stunning to see the Sun Times' over the top coverage for a junior Senator who hasn't even won the Democratic Party's nomination. The Sun Times has it all. You can visit Lynn Sweet's Obamaville section on her blog, check out the Obama Family tree, see if his family tree crosses yours, reminisce about Obama's journey to Africa, read up on his multicultural faith or even find out how Obama plays poker. These links are just for starters, all just a convenient mouse click away from one of the handy sections in either sidebar.

The main section of the Chicago Sun-Times Obama section links up an ever expanding list of 605 separate Barack Obama articles that have been featured in the Sun Times since August 28, 2006 up through today. On the right hand column you can navigate to one of 14 individual photo galleries, headed of course by a picture from the Oprah and Friends Rally for Obama.

When one thinks of how the mainstream media is covering Barack Obama you come to the realization that their mode of operation is no different than any celebrity coverage given by E! style gossip magazines or TMZ without the dirt. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most embarrassingly vacuous and empty, the mainstream media is pushing Spinal Tap levels as they swoon over Barack Obama like drunken parrotheads at the latest stop on the Obamaville Palooza Tour.

Terry Trippany is the Editor and Publisher of Webloggin.

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