The Media FINALLY Label Spitzer ... Oh Wait

From the ridiculous to the absurd | Media Research CenterContemplating the SwitchThose of us who have been participating in the Eliot Spitzer Media Waiting Game -- halting our respitory activity in anticipation of the Jurassic Press actually ascribing Party affiliation to the recently resigned Big Apple Governor -- can finally breathe easy.

The Agence-France Presse and Yahoo! have teamed up to finally do what's right.

Only they do it so VERY wrong.

Behold the headline:

Eliot Spitzer (R) holds a news conference in New York City with his wife Silda by his side

This bit of Press horrendousness, after the serial Spitzer dis-affliation leading up to it, leads to one of but two possible conclusions.

Either the Media have become excruciatingly bad at their job, or they have become excruciatingly bad at hiding their bias.

Or both. The choice, Gentle Readers, is yours.

You are the Man, Trevor. Many thanks.

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