New Orleans: 'The Vagina of America'

February 14th, 2008 6:21 PM - Media Research CenterAt least according to "Vagina Monologues" playwright Eve Ensler, and Jane Fonda.

Apparently the Today show had not had enough of this dynamic duo earlier in the program, when the fabulously classy Miss Fonda used another word for "vagina" that begins with the letter "c".

So they brought the pair back for the 10 o'clock hour, and America was again regaled with their brilliant and insightful perspective. A perspective, and a vernacular -- it must be noted -- that would get any man on the planet at the very least slapped silly.

The video, Miss Ensler's political genital declaration (which we think grossly underestimates the chronology and the total) and Miss Fonda's in-depth analysis of New Orleans' vagina-ness, follows below.

Eve Ensler: "You know what? The Mayor of New Orleans (the notorious Ray Nagin) just declared himself one of the first vagina friendly mayors."

Editor's Note: We would imagine there a quite a few more, going WAY back. And we can think of a pol or two further up the electoral food chain, of 1990s vintage, who were big fans as well.

Eve Enser: "He's walking through the streets of New Orleans talking about it."

Editor's Note: We are quite sure that he is.

Jane Fonda: "Think about it -- it (New Orleans)'s moist, it's a wetland, it's a place -- it's a place where people come for fun. And when things go south, forget about it, shut it down."

Editor's Note: Again, this type of talk would get any man on the planet open-handed into oblivion by any woman in aural proximity.

Eve Ensler: "That's right."

We'll take their words for it.