WashPost Covers ‘Menstrual Equity,’ But Ignores Major Pro-Life Rally

The Washington Post in Sunday's print paper ignored a major pro-life rally in Virginia, protesting comments by state-wide Democrats that many consider to be encouraging infanticide. Yet, the same paper last week found time for “activists calling for “menstrual equity” at the Education Department. 

In a 290 word article, the Post simply noted, “Following threats, town hall postponed.” Writer Rachel Chason simply noted: 

Virginia Del. Kathy Tran, whose bill to loosen restrictions on abortions sparked outrage from conservatives across the country, and two other lawmakers postponed a town hall meeting Saturday because of “security and safety concerns.”

Chason added: 

Tran has said she “misspoke” during a legislative session about her bill and wished she had more clearly stated that it would not allow infanticide in Virginia, as some suggested after an edited clip of her testimony went viral on social media.

Nowhere in this article is there any mention that a protest by pro-lifers went on, despite the cancellation. LifeNews.com estimated the crowd at 500-700. I was in attendance and it was definitely several hundreds. Leaders in the pro-life rally were there and so was Tran’s Republican opponent in the fall, Steve Adragna. 

The large crowd can be seen here: 



Yet, the Post didn’t find any of this newsworthy. What does interest the liberal paper? Forty activists rallying against “period poverty.” 

The group was small but hard to miss with their large posters and matching yellow beanies.

“Hey hey! Ho ho! Period poverty has got to go!” they chanted.

On Monday, 40 students and some adults marched near Education Department headquarters in Washington, calling on Secretary Betsy DeVos to take action to combat what they call “period poverty.” Their list of demands included comprehensive period education for students of all genders before age 12 and programs that would equip K-12 school bathrooms with free menstrual products.

One might think that “several hundred” is larger than “forty.” And thus, newsworthy. Is it any wonder why conservatives think liberal journalists are out of touch when it comes to their priorities? 

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