Irony: 9/ll Conspiracy Theorist Toure Slams Conspiracy Theories on Florida Shooting

February 21st, 2018 5:59 PM

In the wake of the tragic Parkland, Florida shooting, there have been some disgusting and crazy conspiracy theories attacking survivors as “actors” who didn’t really suffer through an ordeal. These fact-free claims are obviously offensive and should be condemned. But one person who doesn’t have the credibility to do that is former MSNBC analyst Toure. Why? Because he’s promoted 9/11 truther conspiracy theories

On Wednesday, Toure responded to one such Parkland conspiracy theory by saying, “You are sick.” He retweeted Congressman Ted Lieu slamming the “insane” conspiracy theory. 

Speaking of insane conspiracy theories, here is Toure on September 7, 2009:  




Ridiculous and false conspiracy theories should be condemned. But people who have promoted 9/11 trutherism are in no position to do so. 

In an unrelated tweet, Toure mocked the Parkland shooting meeting that Donald Trump had at the White House, calling it a "profile in cowardice."