Juanita Broaddrick Schools Chelsea Handler: Don’t Forget What Bill Clinton Did

The amnesia some liberal members of the media have when it comes to OTHER powerful politicians accused of inappropriate sexual contact with young women is astonishing. A woman who accused Bill Clinton of raping her called entertainer Chelsea Handler out. On Sunday, the Netflix TV host Handler offered up this clueless tweet in regard to Roy Moore: 

Hmm, an older male politician treating women badly? Gets elected to nationwide office? Juanita Broaddrick offered this devastating reply: 

Ouch. In 2011, sexual harassment accusations surfaced about Herman Cain. The networks covered that story 50 times in less than four days. At the time, I wrote: 

In comparison, over a similar three-day period these same programs were far less interested in charges against Democrat Bill Clinton. After Paula Jones held a public press conference in February of 1994, there was only one report on her allegations.

Following Kathleen Willey's July 1997 claims of being groped by the President, there were a mere three reports. For Juanita Broaddrick, who came forward in February of 1999 to say Clinton raped her, only three stories followed charges appearing in the Wall Street Journal.

It should also be pointed out that all these women offered their names. They weren't anonymous. Additionally, the accusations of assault and rape go far beyond what's being mentioned with the Cain scandal.

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