Notable Quotables: GOP = 'Far-Right' 'Hardline' Hostage Takers

October 26th, 2015 9:05 AM

Now online: the October 26 edition of Notable Quotables, MRC’s bi-weekly compilation of the latest outrageous quotes in the liberal media. This week, weighing in on the race for a new Speaker, journalists sneer at the "far-right," "hardline" House members who have created "a hostage crisis within the Republican Party," even as they cheer Hillary Clinton for a "flawless," "perfect" and "extraordinary" performance at the Democrats' debate.

Plus, the media set the stage for Hillary's Benghazi testimony by vilifying the committee as engaged in a "partisan" "witch hunt," and The View's Joy Behar gets a thrill up her leg over socialist Bernie Sanders: "I actually am aroused by him....Bernie is hot." Highlights are posted below; the entire issue is posted online with 27 quotes at

GOP = “Far-Right” “Hardline” Hostage Takers

“Congressman and former vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan now says he’s willing to run for Speaker of the House but with conditions. Ryan wants Republicans to unite behind him by Friday, including the far-right members of the party.”
— ABC’s Tom Llamas on the October 21 Good Morning America.

“That turns the tables on hardline conservatives who were hoping to extract concessions from their next Speaker in exchange for their support.... [Ryan] is seen as one of the only people who can unite his fractured party after hardliners threatened to force out the current Speaker.”
— Correspondent Nancy Cordes on the October 21 CBS This Morning.

CBS’s Charlie Rose: “So the question is what happened to [House Majority Leader Kevin] McCarthy? What’s happening to the Republican Party? And is the tail wagging the dog?”  
CBS’s John Dickerson: “Well, there’s wagging all over the place. I mean, the dogs are running amuck.”
— Exchange on the October 9 CBS This Morning about House conservatives and the fight over the next Speaker.

“Let’s be clear about what we have here. We have a hostage crisis within the Republican Party.”
— CNN’s John King on the October 8 Legal View.

NYT: Ted Cruz Is a “Menacing, Stalking” Horror Movie Villain

“He [George W. Bush] wouldn’t have felt compelled to utter them [his criticism] if Cruz wasn’t a possible factor in the race — if he wasn’t a menacing, stalking, relentless force to watch for and run from, like the body-hopping spirit in this year’s most celebrated horror movie, It Follows.”
New York Times writer Frank Bruni in his column: “The Scary Spectre of Ted Cruz,” October 21.

Trump Is “Great” When He Echoes Lefty Conspiracy Theories

“This is one of Donald Trump’s great contributions to this campaign, whatever else he’s doing that we all object to. He is calling out the Bush people for Orwellian, deceptive, historically amnesiatic thinking, right? For Jeb Bush to say, ‘My brother kept us safe,’ is not true, you know....Over the summer of 2001, Bush at Crawford, Texas, gets a report — ‘Al-Qaeda Planning Attacks in the United States’ — they were warned. The idea that he kept us safe is not true.”
— Bloomberg View columnist and MSNBC analyst Jonathan Alter on MSNBC’s Up, October 18.

Touting “Perfect,” “Historic” Hillary Debate Win

“I think she did extraordinarily well....She was so adept at making herself the candidate of both experience and change. It’s kind of hard to do that.”
— CNN’s Gloria Borger on a live, post-debate edition of Anderson Cooper 360, October 13.

“Basically tonight, Hillary Clinton was Beyoncé. She was flawless. I mean, Hillary Clinton did an extraordinary job.”
— CNN analyst Van Jones during a live, post-debate Anderson Cooper 360, October 13.

“The debate went so well for Hillary Clinton, so perfectly that, at times, it was as if she had planned the whole thing.... Hillary Clinton didn’t plan that moment and didn’t arrange the seating plan on this year’s Republican clown car with Donald Trump and Ben Carson in the front. She couldn’t have planned all of that. No one could. It is just too perfect.”
— MSNBC’s Last Word anchor Lawrence O’Donnell on October 14.

Spinning for Hillary: GOP Commits “Suicide” with Benghazi “Witch Hunt”

“You’ve got Hillary Clinton performing well at this debate, the Benghazi Committee now kind of de-legitimized. She’s teed up to have a great day next week.”
— Bloomberg host John Heilemann on NBC’s Today, October 16.

“Hillary Clinton has done a fairly good job of trying to disqualify this panel. Some would argue they disqualified themselves.”
— Co-host Savannah Guthrie on NBC’s Today, October 22.

“The amazing thing is that she does not even have to talk about a vast right-wing conspiracy and have people make fun of her for it, because they’re doing it on their own. I mean, for a party whose members don’t believe in assisted suicide, they’re doing a pretty good impression of it.”
USA Today political writer Susan Milligan on the October 15 Hardball.

“We have the committee, the Benghazi committee this week. Well, she’s going to murder them because it has been a witch hunt. It has been partisan. It’s a great opportunity for her.”
— Veteran journalist Carl Bernstein on CNN’s Reliable Sources, October 18.

NYT Writer Spews Hate at Jeb Bush

“Fuck you Jeb Bush for telling poor people they need stronger families to not be poor. Poverty weakens families.”
New York Times news assistant Philip Richardson in an October 14 tweet. According to Politico, a Times spokesperson later called the comment “completely inappropriate.”

Inspiring Commie Overcame Asthma to Kill Thousands

“Che Guevara might have considered the United States his worst enemy, but he faced an even greater threat to his revolutionary ambitions: asthma. While it was U.S.-trained Bolivian forces who killed Che on this day, Oct. 9, in 1967, asthma was a constant threat from his earliest youth....If anything, his own affliction seemed to be an afterthought. Although he earned a medical degree before embarking on his Communist crusades, he didn’t focus on respiratory ailments.”
— writer Jennifer Latson, October 9.

Actress Loves “Inspiring” and “Tremendous” Bernie Sanders

“I have always had the most profound respect for [Hillary Clinton]....I just think she has accomplished more than most people have accomplished in about five life times. But I love a lot of what Bernie Sanders is saying too, man. I find him really inspiring. I think he’s tremendous and we need a jolt of that.”  
— Ex-Crossing Jordan star Jill Hennessy on Bloomberg’s With All Due Respect, October 16.

View Host “Aroused” By “Hot” Democrats

“I actually am aroused by him [Bernie Sanders]. I’m serious. I find him to be eye candy, not ear candy, eye candy....I like an old Jewish guy who’s a socialist. That’s my type of guy. Everybody is talking about O’Malley and how hot he was. But to me, Bernie is hot.”
The View co-host Joy Behar, October 14.

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