Cranky Whoopi Goldberg Laments Conservative Guest Host on 'The View': 'It's Sweeps, Apparently'

February 4th, 2014 6:06 PM


It was noticed by many that ABC's The View featured two conservative guest hosts this week. The diversity of thought displeased some liberals, prompting Whoopi Goldberg to announce that the whole thing wasn't her idea. Actress Elizabeth Perkins on Sunday tweeted Goldberg, calling the appearance of conservative host Dana Loesch "sad" and adding, "I'm very surprised by The View booking Dana Loesch. There is no compromise with her, no solution other than more guns."

In a tweet back, Goldberg replied, "yeah.. Me too, but it's sweeps apparently.. & they are going for ratings I'm sure." In a follow-up tweet, she added, "no darlin I have nothing to do with booking guests, booking hosts."

Loesch defended the host, noting on Tuesday that the offending tweet was before her appearance and "We had great convo backstage, agreed on several issues."


In addition to Loesch, conservative editor Mary Katharine Ham appeared on Tuesday

 Ham described her conservative philosophy this way: "Look, when things get bigger, they get ineffective. When they get bigger, you can bully people easier."

At another point, Goldberg hit back against the liberal complaints: "Hey you don't likea guest on @theviewtv tell them NOT me cos I don't book the show.HOWEVER it is called the View & u don't have 2agree."

She also informed that the whole week would be given over to conservative guest co-hosts.