Not a Parody: Politico Hypes ‘Sex Symbol’ Joe Biden

Politico edged ever closer towards total parody on Tuesday with a headline that seriously wondered, "Joe Biden: Sex symbol?" Senior Washington correspondent Jonathan Allen gushed, "Joe Biden’s bringing sexy back — to the Medicare-eligible set."

The journalist, who touts his "National Press Club’s Sandy Hume Award for Excellence in Political Journalism," rhapsodized, "The vice president, who turns 70 in November, has been on a tour of diners and delis in swing states, charming as many white, blue-collar voters — and their mothers — as possible."

Allen noted Biden's skill as a retail politician and added, "It’s undeniable that he’s a little different than the other candidates on the presidential ticket — the vice president is a big flirt."

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The writers at Politico fancy themselves the official chroniclers of politics.

Allen's piece contained this hard-hitting piece of journalism:

Whether it’s sex appeal or just basic charm, Biden appears to be spreading the love for the Obama reelection effort. The former Delaware senator has locked onto a demographic diamond in the rough.

When not highlighting the sexiness of the Obama ticket, Politico often portrays Republicans as extremists, while ignoring any hint of that on the Democratic side.

On another occasion, the publication ran an article insisting that voters were too "Forrest Gump-like" and lacked the "most basic grasp of the details."




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