Hateful Stephen Colbert: Taliban Has a Better Record With Women Than Rush Limbaugh

In an attempt to mock Rush Limbaugh, yet again, Stephen Colbert on Thursday compared the conservative radio host to the Taliban. Highlighting advertisers who have pulled out of Limbaugh's show in the wake of the Sandra Fluke controversy, the comedian insisted that the U.S. Army would no longer buy commercials.

Colbert smeared, "Yes, the Army is pulling out of Rush. Meanwhile, they're staying in Afghanistan to negotiate with the Taliban who evidently have a better track record on women's issues."  [MP3 audio here. See video below.]

Liberals, including Colbert and Jon Stewart themselves, will immediately jump to the "we're just comedians" defense. However, considering that outlets like MSNBC routinely promote their clips and portay them simply as cultural satirists, it's worth noting the extreme, often hateful tilt of their comedy.

On February 23, 2012, Jon Stewart contributor John Oliver compared conservatism to crack.

A transcript of the March 15 segment can be found below:


STEPHEN COLBERT : Nation, there's an issue that has become a cudgel against the Republicans in this campaign. It's contraception, and I am tired of talking about it. So instead, I'm going to mime about it.  Ok. Now I can talk about it again. This is a palette cleanser. (Laughter) And it's important to talk about this so-called controversy. Because it's threatening the livelihood of radio host and tater-tot in casual wear, Rush Limbaugh.

[CNN CLIP]      

CARLOS DIAZ: The list of advertisers fleeing from Rush Limbaugh is growing. 141 Companies have now officially bailed on Limbaugh's radio show. Among the latest Limbaugh defectors, Acura, IBM, American Express, McDonalds, and the U.S. Army.

STEPHEN COLBERT: Yes, the army is pulling out of Rush.

( Cheers and applause )

STEPHEN COLBERT: Meanwhile – meanwhile, they're staying in Afghanistan to negotiate with the Taliban who evidently have a better track record on women's issues.

And now, Premiere Radio Networks which syndicates el-rush-bo, has canceled all their national ad slots for the next two weeks which is their sole source of revenue from the show. Things have gotten so bad, folks, Rush may have to start a pledge drive. So ladies, donate now, and will get this free tote bag. [Shows a tote bag that says ‘ho bag’] Put all your -- put all – put all your slut stuff in there for the walk of shame. And, folks, these accusations of sexism are totally unfair to Rush. Just ask Rush.


RUSH LIMBAUGH: No, how can I be anti-women? I even judged the Miss America pageant.

STEPHEN COLBERT: Yes! What more does he have to do, judge Playmate of the Year?

( Applause )

Plus, Rush is just exercising his right to free speech. And while it is shocking that Rush would exercise anything, this is America. We must defend the principle symbolized by lady liberty, unless she's on the pill, in which case she is a giant, green tramp. Oh, she'll lift her lamp and open her golden door for anybody. Your tired, your poor, and not just one-on-one. She'll take on huddled masses. Everybody line up for a peek under her toga. No, the real victim -- the real victim here is Rush. This whole birth control controversy started with that Georgetown Law student, Sandra Fluke. Whose testimony was no fluke. Jim?

[ Clips]

 ERIC BOLLING: Tonight we're going to connect the dots for you.

Follow me here. President Obama on the ropes with the economy and specifically with women voters, gets Mrs. Fluke to create a controversy, and the liberal mainstream media puppets play along as scripted.

RUSH LIMBAUGH:  It's all part of a plan. It is not accidental. None of this stuff just happened. Whoa! Lookie over there what just happened. It's all orchestrated.

BILL O’REILLY: There's no doubt in my mind, in my investigator's mind, that this woman from the very beginning was what they call "run" by very powerful people. Alright, its not an accident –

LAURA INGRAHAM: Oh, yeah, this is, She's a pawn.

STEPHEN COLBERT: Oh, yes, she was run by powerful people. She's a pawn. I mean, what's the alternative that a 30-year-old woman had her own thoughts and feelings about reproductive rights?

( Laughter )

Come on. What do you take me for, a girl?

( Laughter )

STEPHEN COLBERT: But despite the Democrats' pathetic attempts to derail it with the so-called “Republican war on women,” the GOP Presidential race marches on, or in the case of Newt Gingrich, shambles on, stops for breath, and then makes a small purchase at Tiffany’s. Yesterday, the inevitable nominee, Mitt Rominee appeared on Fox News to reiterate his campaign's core message of hope.

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