Sean Hannity, Gingrich Remember the 'Magnetic,' 'Remarkable' Tony Blankley

In Friday's Washington Times, media and political heavyweights such as Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich, James Carville and others remembered the "magnetic personality" of Tony Blankley. The Times devoted four pages to honor its late editorial page editor (who passed away last weekend). Hannity enthused, "It is sad to lose him at such an integral time in our nation’s history, of which he was highly involved and influential. This country will miss him greatly. As will I."

The very liberal James Carville reminisced, "I’m sure that Tony was as partisan as the rest of us but he never resorted to the shouting (yes, I’m guilty as charged) that has become a staple of cable television."

The loud Democrat spoke very highly of Blankley:

Most kids learn in their high school poetry class the death of any man diminishes us all. But the truth is that the death of some diminishes us a little more. I think that, especially in the case of Tony, humanity has been diminished but I am certain it has diminished me. Tony was a classy man who will be greatly missed by all.

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer enthused:

Given his experiences, he was smart on virtually any subject we raised with him. And he always had good insight and a pithy thought. He also knew how to speak in smart and effective sound bites, which, of course, made him a valued guest on television.

Blitzer said this of the way Blankley talked: "Here’s another little secret: We loved his slight British accent. It made him seem even smarter."

Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich offered a story about Blankley's unusual pets:

I always thought his pet llamas were a key part of his ability to bounce back. There was something slightly absurd about the speaker’s press secretary having pet llamas. It was just the touch of uniqueness and frivolity that made him such a complete person.

Everyone who knew him and loved him (and that deeply includes Callista and me) will miss him. But we will always be enriched by the memories of this wonderful patriot and friend.

In 2003, Blankley appeared at the Media Research Center's DisHonors Awards and offered a humorous take on the liberal media. 

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