MSNBC’s David Shuster Tweets His Attacks on ‘Teabaggers’ and Their ‘Teabag Leader’

MSNBC host David Shuster on Wednesday used his Twitter account to repeatedly slam "teabaggers" and their "teabag leader." Shuster was defending a segment he hosted on MSNBC where he derided the "far-right" elements of the tea party movement. Writing on Twitter he derided, "Highly amusing to see teabaggers claim [Scott] Brown a [sic] referendum on Obama...when Brown himself denied it and distanced himself from teabaggers."

Referring to those who are unhappy with him using a vulgar sexual term to describe a political movement, Shuster retorted, "For all who object to the term 'teabaggers,' please direct your frustrations to [correspondent] Griff Jenkins at Fox News. He came up with it." (It's not clear why this lone example makes the word acceptable.)

Using the term for a third time, Shuster Tweeted to @AdamCassandra: "The issue is International ANSWER wasn't behind ALL the war protests as your teabag leader alleged. Try thinking sometime." This was in reference to his Wednesday segment on MSNBC.

Tea party organizer Brendan Steinhauser had this exchange with Shuster over media coverage of the movement:

BRENDAN STEINHAUSER: But, what you haven't reported is that the anti-war movement in Washington was organized by International ANSWER, a communist front group. But, no one reported on that because it didn't fit the paradigm.

DAVID SHUSTER: Well, also because it's not factually accurate.

But, it is accurate. Also, Steinhauser never said that "all" the war protests were organized by International ANSWER, which is a communist group. However, ANSWER did organize numerous protests. So, Shuster was, once again, misleading.

Since the host is using a vulgar sexual term for a conservative group, the question must be asked: Would MSNBC tolerate the same thing, but directed towards a liberal organization? Readers can Tweet the cable host questions here.

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