'Mini Page' Pushes Left Wing 'Green' Agenda on Kids for the Holidays

The December 14 edition of the "Mini Page," a weekly children's print supplement that appears in newspapers across the country, relied on tips from the left-wing National Resources Defense Council [NRDC] for a story entitled "Going Green for the Holidays." The four page publication, written by Mini Page editor Betty Debnam, regularly includes innocuous connect-the-dots puzzles and other games for kids. However, in a Christmas-themed edition, Debnam lectured on artificial trees: "If you already have a plastic tree, it is fine to keep using it. But don't buy a new one." [Emphasis added] And while adults may snicker at such admonishments, remember, this section is designed for impressionable children.

She added, "Making metal holiday trees does not cause as much pollution as making plastic trees. However, a live tree is still the best choice." Debnam offered seemingly impractical advice. "The best choice for the environment is a living Christmas tree that can be replanted. Keep the tree in a pot and bring it outside. Plant it outside after the holidays," she prompted. The Mini Page editor also told her young readers, "Buy or ask for gifts that are packaged in a green manner."

The NRDC, which Debnam credits for helping with the December 14 issue, is an aggressively left-wing organization. The group is currently lobbying for an expensive cap and trade program for carbon dioxide and has previously attacked the Bush administration while advocating for stronger nuclear arms control polices. Of course, nowhere in the story did Debnam mention the liberal agenda of the NRDC.

Instead, the article featured hectoring suggestions such as e-mailing one's Christmas card. Debnam wrote, "The greenest card to send is an electronic card." After admitting it might be "fun" to actually send a physical greeting, she insisted, "Try to send cards that have been made with recycled paper."

(A PDF file of the current Mini Page can be found here.)

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