ABC's The View: "Radical" Limbaugh, Religion "Feeds Off Bigotry"

The media has manufactured another furor over "controversial" Pat Robertson comments. The televangelist has said he was referring to terrorists when he described radical Muslims as "satanic." His statements recently came under the scrutiny of the women on ABC's The View. On the March 14 edition of the program, View co-hosts used Robertson’s comments as an excuse to generally bash religion. Joy Behar stated, "And a lot of the nasty people represent religion in this world.." She also added, "There’s too much anger between extreme religions." Just getting warmed up, the host then took a gratuitous and bewildering swipe at Rush Limbaugh: "Rush Limbaugh, people like that, get your attention because they’re radical."

The segment, airing at 11:03AM EST on ABC, allowed co-host Meredith Vieira, who is rumored as a possible replacement for Katie Couric over at Today, to let America really know what she thinks of religion. Responding to a comment by Behar, that Robertson feeds off of people’s biases, Vieira responded, "It’s also the way religion’s often worked. That’s why you have these wars going on, because they feed off bigotry." She added that Robertson’s statements are "particularly dangerous," because "this is what incites terrorism, essentially." Earlier in the segment, Vieira questioned why Christians have not denounced Robertson:

Vieira: "Now where is the rest of the religious community? Why aren’t they standing here saying this is not the first ridiculous comment the man has made?"

Co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, View’s token Republican, pointed out that there are many thoughtful, uplifting Christian leaders, they just don’t get much attention. Vieira responded,

Vieira: "Do they have an obligation- Do they have an obligation, do you think, to hold a news conference and do whatever it is and say, look, we-"

At this point, co-host Star Jones interrupted and set her straight:

Jones: "But will anyone come? If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is there to hear it, did it fall?...I mean, you put the microphone, that big microphone in the front of the person who is going to get you the biggest headlines, not necessarily the person who is representing the greatest number of people. The greatest number of Christians are talking about a relationship, a personal relationship with Christ. They are not out there blasting another religion and calling them satanic.

It’s funny, but I don’t remember Meredith Vieira calling on Islamic leaders to denounce comments and actions by radical Muslims. Perhaps this was simply her way of auditioning for Today. If Katie Couric left, someone would have to keep that show’s streak of anti-religious bias going. 

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