CNN Thrilled About BLM Mural in Front of Trump Tower: Dismantling a 'Racist, White Supremacist System'

July 10th, 2020 6:21 PM

A segment on Thursday’s edition of CNN Tonight basically acted as a public service announcement for the far-left group Black Lives Matter. Host Don Lemon and the panel were overjoyed about the fact that a Black Lives Matter mural was painted in front of Trump Tower. One of the guests, political analyst Jared Yates Sexton, used his appearance on cable TV to trash President Trump and America, as a whole, as “systemically racist.”

Lemon began the segment by putting up video of the Black Lives Matter mural being painted and declared that “Donald Trump just hates this.” He proceeded to introduce his guests, Sexton and Iesha Sekou, whose organization helped paint the mural. Lemon made it clear that “I’m so glad that you’re on.”


The CNN’s host passion for such a radical organization, which openly advocates for the abolition of the nuclear family, should not come as a surprise. This is a man who believes that Jesus Christ was “admittedly not perfect.”

Believe it or not, Lemon actually seemed quite restrained compared to one of his guests. In his absolutely outrageous analysis, Sexton made the claim that “Trumpism” views black lives as “disposable.” What a joke:

Isn’t it something that the President of the United States takes it as a personal insult, the idea that black lives matter? I mean, that’s really what Trumpism boils down to, right? It’s the idea of a mythology of black lives are disposable and white supremacy is always brimming right underneath the surface.

If Sexton really wants to go after an organization that views black lives as “disposable” and subscribes to “white supremacy,” he might want to take a look at Planned Parenthood. Past and current employees of the abortion giant recently penned a letter discussing how the organization was “steeped in white supremacy.”

As Arizona State Representative Walt Blackman pointed out in an op-ed for The Arizona Capitol Times, “36 percent of all abortions were obtained by black women” who only make up 14 percent of the child-bearing population. Blackman cited a study from the group Protecting Black Lives, which found that “79 percent of Planned Parenthood’s surgical abortion facilities are located within walking distance of minority communities.”

Yet, Sexton will never, ever acknowledge these inconvenient facts because it’s much more fashionable to trash Trump as a racist and white supremacist. As the segment came to a close, Sexton praised the Black Lives Matter murals that are popping up all across the country as “symbols of change that is slowly deconstructing a systemically racist, white supremacist system.” 

As he wrapped up the segment, Lemon promised to have both of his guests back. This makes it more likely than not that CNN viewers will be inundated with Black Lives Matter propaganda for the foreseeable future.

A transcript of the relevant portion of Thursday’s edition of CNN Tonight is below. Click “expand” to read more.

CNN Tonight with Don Lemon


10:40 PM

DON LEMON: President Trump just hates this. New York City painting the words black lives matter in giant yellow letters on Fifth Avenue, right in front of Trump Tower. I want to discuss now with political analyst Jared Yates Sexton, the author of American Rule, and Iesha Sekou, CEO and founder of Street Corner Resources. Her organization helped in painting the mural. Good evening to both of you. I’m so glad that you’re on. Iesha, can you hear me? You’re there, right?

IESHA SEKOU: Yes, I’m here.

LEMON: Okay. Good. All right. Great.

SEKOU: And I can hear you.

LEMON: So, you…you had a large group of young people help paint the, the BLM mural outside of Trump Tower. You know the President isn’t receptive to this message, but what do you hope comes of it?

SEKOU: Well, the…the thing that I hope for is not necessarily for Donald Trump, but for our young people. You know, I en…encouraged them to join us this morning and also the Mayor asked if they, you know, invited them and asked if they would…would come, and I was grateful, and I encouraged it because this is historical. It’s historical and it’s hopeful and young people were excited. They were ready to grab the rollers and start painting before it was time. I had to calm them down and say they have to wait. But the thing that I’m really hoping for is that these young people see their connection to something, although symbolic, but historical.

LEMON: Got it.

SEKOU: And see that change is on the horizon. That things in our…in our country, in our city, our state can change, that people can begin to make change as long as they take part in the process. And I’m really grateful…I was actually and I don’t know if you know this…on the…the group of folks that suggested it. I’m one of the people that suggested that Black Lives Matter be painted on the streets…


SEKOU: …of New York, every borough and then that streets be renamed…


LEMON: I got it, Iesha. Thank you very much. All right, so, I want to bring Jared in; make sure we have time for everyone. So, Jared, listen, President Trump tweeted last week that the mural would denigrate the area. He…he, he’s also called the words a “symbol of hate,” and tonight he is saying this about Mayor de Blasio and the mural. Watch this.


GENERAL MARK MILLEY: The…the way we should do it matters as much as that we should do it. So, we need to have…I’ve recommended a commission of folks to…to take a hard look at the bases, the statues, the names and all of this stuff to see if we can have a rational, mature discussion.

CONGRESSMAN ANTHONY BROWN (D-MD): Thank you, General Milley.


LEMON: Okay. Wrong sound bite. So, anyways, he was on, he was upset and enraged, obviously, because it was…Okay, let’s play it. Here it is.


TRUMP: I was very nice to Mayor de Blasio. I got him ventilators when he needed them. I got him hospital help when he needed it. I got him everything he needed. I got him the gowns. I got him the masks. I got him everything. The shields. I got that man everything. I spoke to him many times. He couldn’t have been nicer. And then he throws a big Black Lives Matter sign right down in the middle of Fifth Avenue. And all merchants along Fifth Avenue are furious. They’re furious. And the whole city is furious. The city is a city that’s enraged.


LEMON: Interesting. Okay, so, Jared, what do you think about that? Because you say that these murals are the new monuments. Explain what you mean.

JARED YATES SEXTON: Well, isn’t it something that the President of the United States takes it as a personal insult, the idea that black lives matter? And I mean, that’s really what Trumpism boils down to, right? It’s the idea of a…a mythology of America where black lives are disposable and white supremacy is always brimming right underneath the surface. You know, I think what we need to keep in mind is that tearing down monuments and creating new ones is as American as America gets. I mean, 1776, the first thing that went was a statue of King George. And what we’re seeing right now is a new generation that is rejecting this past of white supremacy and oppression, and these murals are the new monuments, and…and it’s amazing that they’re choosing to erect these things and build these things based on basic human decency. And I think the fact that the President is insulted tells them that they’re doing the right thing.

LEMON: Iesha, you mentioned Mayor Bill de Blasio. You invited him. He was out painting the mural today. While we have seen Black Lives Matter murals now in cities across the country, some activists say that they aren’t enough without real policy. That’s not enough without real…real policy change. What are you hoping happens now?

SEKOU: Well, one, a lot of discussion…I’ve been on a number of Zooms with the Mayor, meetings, and so Mayor de Blasio is open to hearing new ideas. You know, some of us have been a little tough on him, but I see that change is on the horizon. He’s asking our communities across New York City to give input and feedback. So, there were, like, 30, 40 people, leaders and elected officials on a Zoom making suggestions around things that can happen in our community to help shape it better including police policy and things around the police behavior. So, I’m hopeful. I’m hopeful for that reason as well. That we’re not distanced from the Mayor. We are more connected to the Mayor. The Mayor is more involved in reaching out to the community and the community is feeling stronger and better about being able to give feedback. So, that…I’m hoping for change in a lot of ways. I’m glad that the chokehold bill has passed and has become law. That’s hopeful. I’m…I’m really happy that we’re looking at police behavior, not only on paper, but there is an open call for any video, any proof where police have been brutal and practicing bru…police brutality that even our, you know, our city is just opening up to it. They’re hearing more about what needs to be done and what has been done that has hurt black people for a very long time. So, I’m looking for change; change that will make our sons and our daughters feel more comfortable as they move around this great city and not just here, but even around the country. Because New York is a leader. And other states and cities will follow what we do. So, we’re hoping that what happens here in New York impacts the…the country and the world.

LEMON: Okay.

SEKOU: And so, I stand with those who are making change.

LEMON: All right. Jared, listen, just a short amount of time here, but where do you see…what do you see happening next as it comes to the…the signs being painted and murals and so forth, this whole discussion that we’re having in the country?

SEXTON: I think these murals and these signs and these monuments are symbols of…of change that is slowly deconstructing a systematically racist white supremacist system. So, I think this is the beginning and I think it’s going to spur on change and it’s certainly going to inspire hope in people who are going to change things for the better.

LEMON: All right. Thank you both. I appreciate your time. I’ll have you both back.