Only Fox News Covers Dem State Rep Harassing Pro-Life Protesters

May 9th, 2019 9:52 AM

As NewsBusters has previously reported, the networks ignored the outrageous story about Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims harassing an elderly pro-life protester outside of a Philadelphia Planned Parenthood clinic and threatening to dox her. Cable news was not much better. Only Fox News bothered to give the story airtime.

On Tucker Carlson Tonight, one of the handful of Fox News shows to cover the story, the eponymous host pointed out that “nobody at CNN is denouncing him. In fact, CNN’s website doesn’t even have a story about this as of this hour. Why would it? He’s their kind of politician so it’s not news.”

In addition to calling out CNN for practicing bias by omission, Carlson slammed the Pennsylvania Democratic Party for not commenting on Sims’ behavior and pointed out that his status as a “star” in the Democratic Party likely explains why he has not faced stronger condemnation from liberals in both the media and the Democratic Party.

One of Carlson’s guests, YouTube personality Dave Rubin, pointed out that if “he was a conservative or a Republican or anyone that remotely leaned right or was anything other than a full-on leftist progressive and he was doing the exact same thing, the media would be having a field day.” Rubin also mentioned that Sims violated the terms of service for the Periscope app on Twitter by threatening to dox the protesters. 



Sims posted an eight-minute video of himself harassing the elderly woman. In the tweet accompanying the video, he urged people to “push back on Planned Parenthood protestors, PLEASE! They pray on young women, they use white privilege, & shame. They’re racist, classist bigots who NEED & DESERVE our righteous opposition.” Two weeks earlier, Sims filmed himself harassing a mother and three teenagers protesting outside the same clinic, offering $100 to anyone willing to dox them.

Rubin predicted that in spite of violating Periscope’s terms of service by threatening to dox the pro-life protesters, “the tech companies aren’t going to ban him.” After mentioning that Twitter had suspended conservative David Horowitz, Rubin concluded that double standards exist “not only when it comes to how the media deals with these people but also the tech companies.” As of right now, Sims has yet to face suspension from Twitter for violating the terms of service; his Twitter page containing multiple rants against Planned Parenthood protesters remains available for all to see.



In addition to interviewing Rubin, Carlson spoke with Ashley Geracht, the mother featured in the first video. Geracht pointed out that despite the fact that Sims slammed them as “a bunch of white people protesting outside a Planned Parenthood,” her daughter’s friend was not white and she pointed that out to him. Geracht also noted that her oldest daughter and her friend experienced even worse treatment at the March for Life, which they attended with their high school.

From the harassment of pro-life protesters by Representative Sims to the vilification of pro-life teenagers from Covington Catholic High School, it looks like pro-lifers cannot escape the rancor of liberal politicians and their pro-choice allies in the media.


A transcript of the relevant portion of Tuesday’s edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight is below. Click “expand” to read more.

Tucker Carlson Tonight


08:00 PM

TUCKER CARLSON: A Democratic lawmaker in the city of Philadelphia berates and threatens teenage girls for praying outside of an abortion clinic. It’s a remarkable story; you might not believe it actually happened had it not been caught on tape. But it was. We want to begin tonight with Trace Gallagher, who has details on exactly what happened. Trace?

TRACE GALLAGHER: Tucker, the entire video of Pennsylvania Democratic lawmaker Brian Sims verbally harassing a woman protesting outside of Planned Parenthood was live streamed on Periscope for eight minutes. We’re going to show you the theme of the full eight minutes which is Representative Sims maintaining that protesters are “racist, classist bigots who need our…and deserve our righteous opposition.” When the woman he’s taping tells him to stop, he threatens to dox her, you know, publish her private information. Watch.


BRIAN SIMS: Hi, everyone. Representative Brian Sims here and I’m once again out in front of Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Today’s protester now, she is an old white lady who is going to try to avoid showing you her face; an old white lady telling people what’s right to do with their bodies. Shame on you. Shame. Shame. Shame on you. If you know who this woman is…

PROTESTER: Get your camera out of my face.

SIMS: If you can give me her address, we’ll protest out in front of her home. Let’s go protest out in front of her house. This is a racist act of judgment. And you have business being out here. Everyone, this is what they deserve. This is what they need.


GALLAGHER: And when the pro-life organization Live Action posted the video and messaged Periscope saying the broadcast violates the company’s rules of behavior, Sims responded, saying “Bring it on, Bible Bullies” and “Planned Parenthood protesters are scum!” Later, when Sims got blasted by state and national Republicans, he issued a half-hearted apology, quoting again “I know that two wrongs don’t make a right, especially when I’m on the front lines of this civil rights battle. I can do better and I will do better, for the women of Pennsylvania.” But it’s not two wrongs not making a right. It’s three. Sims also verbally abused protesters last month. Watch.


SIMS: Hi, everyone, Representative Brian Sims here and I am outside the Planned Parenthood…a bunch of pseudo-Christian protesters who have been out here shaming young girls for being here. And so here’s the deal. I have got $100 to anybody who will identify any of these three.

ASHLEY GARECHT: So we’re actually here just praying for the babies.

SIMS: I’m going to donate to Planned Parenthood…so look…

GARECHT: And we believe that women deserve more.

SIMS: …a bunch of white people standing out in front of a Planned Parenthood.

GARECHT: Women deserve more. I’m really sorry.

SIMS: There’s nothing Christian about what you are doing.


GALLAGHER: Some Pennsylvania lawmakers are calling for a criminal investigation of Sims’ behavior. Tucker?

CARLSON: Amazing. Trace Gallagher, thanks very much for that. Ashley Garecht is the mother you just saw in that video and she joins us tonight from Philadelphia. Ashley, thanks very much for coming on. What…you, you were there in the video with three girls, I think two of them are yours. How old are they?

GARECHT: So, my daughters are 15 and 13. And my daughter’s friend who was with us is also 15.

CARLSON: 15 and 13. What did they think of this?

GARECHT: It was…it was, it was a shocking experience. I…what, what is not seen in that video was our first interaction with Mr. Sims. He approached us about 20 minutes before that, came in…I would say came in hot, he came in yelling at us. And really was yelling very directly at the girls; very specifically at the girls. So, I moved myself in between him and the girls, asked him, you know, please talk to me. Let’s, let’s have a conversation; the two of us as two adults. But he continued to, to yell at the girls. And then eventually he left and about ten minutes later is when he came back videotaping us. So, after our first altercation with him, I, you know, came…went and talked to my girls. And told them, you know, I’m really sorry this happened. I’m really proud of you guys for being here. It was Holy Thursday. That…this was something we wanted to do to…as a prayerful act of service as we prepared for the Easter Triduum, which was going to begin that night with Holy Thursday mass. And I told them, you know, sometimes it’s hard to do the right thing but I was really proud of them. Sadly, ironically, the two older girls looked at me and said mom, “that was nothing compared to what people were screaming at us at the March For Life in January.” They went to the March for life at their high school. So, I, I guess I was grateful that they had had some experience before. They were prepared for it and because they were able to kind of stay calm, that helped my younger daughter stay calm. And, you know, we, we prayed for him then. I said we’ll continue to pray for him. And just try to do the right thing. And so then he came back, again, videotaping us. It was…we, we weren’t as shocked because we had just had the interaction with him…


GARECHT: …about ten minutes prior. So, yeah. But it was…my adrenaline was up as a mom. My adrenaline was running.

CARLSON: Well, in it, I mean, he seems to threaten you. He, he offers money for your identities.

GARECHT: Yes. Yes he did.

CARLSON: Did you feel threatened?

GARECHT: I was, I was concerned for my girls. I, you can see me speaking in that video. I was genuinely trying to enter into just a, a dialogue with him to try to bring the situation, calm it down a little bit. And, and say to him on film we’re really here just praying for these women and babies. We’re not looking for an altercation. I never come to clinics looking for a fight. It’s always just with…


GARECHT: …peaceful, prayerful intent. And so yes, I was concerned that he said multiple times that he wanted the identities of my daughters. We were at that point already done. We had finished our prayers. We were leaving and so when I realized he was not going to enter into any kind of productive dialogue, I thought we’ll just continue our exit and we’ll just leave.

CARLSON: It’s probably a good call.

GARECHT: I never thought…yeah, nothing, I didn’t ever think more would really come of it.

CARLSON: So he attacks you in that video and attacks others in the video we showed before for their skin color.


CARLSON: What was that about? Was there…were we missing part of that? Was that out of nowhere? What does that mean?

GARECHT: I have no idea what it means. You would have to ask him. We…I mean, my daughters and I are Caucasian but we were there to pray for all women. We certainly don’t look at the color of their skin as they come or go. My daughter’s friend is not Caucasian, that’s very evident in her, her video and in the pictures. And she said several times to him over the course of our interactions “I’m not white, sir,” I know it’s in the video at least once. So fortunately, we kind of got a laugh out of that because what he was saying literally just didn’t make sense. It didn’t make sense.

CARLSON: And it’s, and it’s…it’s, it’s a racist attack. It’s bizarre. Has the Democratic Party of, of Pennsylvania or Philadelphia apologized to you or has NARAL said anything?

GARECHT: I have not been contacted…

CARLSON: By anybody?

GARECHT: I’ve…no. I haven’t been contacted by anyone in the Democratic Party about this situation at all.

CARLSON: He called you racist. But as I understand it, you’re arguing for fewer abortions among African-American women. He’s arguing…


CARLSON: …for more. But you’re the racist?

GARECHT: Yes. Yeah, I…

CARLSON: Does that make sense?

GARECHT: I mean, you would have…No. It doesn’t make sense to me. You would have to ask Mr. Sims what his logic is behind that because I think…

CARLSON: Well, we tried. We tried.

GARECHT: …more babies…

CARLSON: We tried.

GARECHT: I know.

CARLSON: …but he, he won’t come on tonight. But you were gracious enough…


CARLSON: …to come. And we’re, we’re glad that you did. Thanks very much.

GARECHT: Thank you.

CARLSON: Well, at this point, we should remind you that despite what you just saw and despite all appearances Brian Sims is not a mentally ill panhandler or a vagrant with a drug problem screaming at strangers. Looks like it but he’s not. He’s an elected lawmaker, he represents central Philadelphia in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. He’s a star, by the way, in the Democratic Party. He’s hung out with Pete Buttigieg. He’s got a robust social media following. You can check. In 2014, NARAL, that’s the abortion clinic lobby gave him a top award. Here’s a picture of him with NARAL President, Ilyse Hogue. The American Bar Association also gave Sims an award for something or other. In 2013, when she became Ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy asked Sims to deliver the keynote at her swearing in. In other words, in the modern Democratic Party, Brian Sims is a totally and completely mainstream figure. He’s also, as you just saw, a frothing extremist, who’s willing to threaten teenagers and attack them for their skin color simply because they disagree with him. Sims calls other people racist because they want fewer black women to abort their children. The whole thing is totally deranged. But it’s entirely okay with Democrats. The Pennsylvania Democratic Party has not even commented on what Brian Sims did. Nobody at CNN is denouncing him. In fact, CNN’s website doesn’t even have a story about this as of this hour. Why would it? He’s their kind of politician so it’s not news. In fact, it never even happened. Remember that the next time they call you immoral. It won’t be long. Dave Rubin hosts “The Rubin Report” on YouTube and he joins us now. So Dave, you almost get sick of these double standard stories, where people on the left are allowed to do things that people on the right would be indicted for doing but this is so over the top that you have to kind of wonder is there a limit, really?

DAVE RUBIN: Tucker, I truly wish at this point that there was almost anything that could shock me coming out of the progressive movement but the answer is no. I mean, look. There, there was a bigot and a racist and a bully in those videos but it was the guy that was holding the camera. This is an elected official who is trying to offer money to dox, that means release personal information about people that potentially, I assume, live in his district. I mean, and, and it’s, it’s beyond just what this guy is doing. The bullying that he’s doing in the name of being so self-righteous. It’s also the fact that as you noted, he used Periscope, which is a Twitter video app to broadcast that video. Now, you’re not allowed to dox people according to the Twitter terms of service. So it’s not just that the Democrats won’t say anything…


RUBIN: And it’s not just that CNN’s not going to run the story. It’s also that the tech companies and this goes to so much of what we’ve been talking about over the last few months. It’s that the tech companies aren’t going to ban him. Meanwhile, they will ban conservatives…

CARLSON: Oh sure.

RUBIN: Just this afternoon David Horowitz, David Horowitz, who is a New York Times bestselling author who’s been on my show and probably on your show and is a good, decent guy, he was banned just this afternoon. So, or he was suspended just this afternoon I should say. But the point is the double standards that we’re dealing with not only when it comes to how the media deals with these people but also the tech companies. This is really, really becoming the issue of 2019. And I think there’s almost, there’s almost no low enough for these guys because they never get called out on it except on some places on YouTube like on my show and on some places on cable news like yours.

CARLSON: But screaming at teenage girls? Attacking them for their skin color…

RUBIN: And thinking he’s the good guy.

CARLSON: …like, and then calling other people racist? Like the whole thing is so demented that it’s hard, it’s just hard to believe it’s real.

RUBIN: Well, Tucker, try to imagine. Let’s just flip the script for a second. Let’s pretend he was a conservative or a Republican or anyone that remotely leaned right or was anything other than a full-on leftist progressive and he was doing the exact same thing, the media would be having a field day. I mean, the 20 Democratic candidates would be claiming this is proof that America is an evil white, racist patriarchal country.

CARLSON: Exactly. Exactly.

RUBIN: I mean, we’ve played. We’ve played…where are all the people who were blaming all the Covington kids? Where is, where is the outrage when it, when is right in your face and it’s done by an elected official? But they…unfortunately, they know they will not be called out in any mainstream outlet and the disconnect here. I mean, this is, this is my real fear is that all of us are going to start living in these little siphoned places where we’re just going to figure out what our reality is and it won’t have a bearing on what real reality is but…

CARLSON: That’s right.

RUBIN: …this is where, man, where are the good Democrats? Where are the real liberals who will just step up and say you know what, we will not tolerate this. That was absolutely wrong and just say we’re not going to do this anymore. But they, they won’t do it because they’re…for whatever reason and I, and I have some theories on this, they are consistently led by, by their worst actors because they think it gives them the moral high ground. And that’s a, that’s a really depressing race to the bottom.

CARLSON: But it’s a, it’s a very deep point that you just made. They are led by their worst actors. They’re not all bad but too afraid to stand up to people who are. And that’s…

RUBIN: Indeed.

CARLSON: …that cowardice really gets you to where we are today. Dave Rubin, thank you, very smart as always.