Ann Coulter Highlights Media Double Standard on Jeffrey Epstein Coverage

March 7th, 2019 6:35 PM

Ann Coulter’s column published Wednesday was entitled “Media Magic: How a Democrat Pedophile Became a ‘Trump Scandal’” and focused on the lack of media coverage surrounding the case of “pedophile and Democratic donor Jeffrey Epstein” that suddenly came to an end the second the media realized they could connect him to President Trump.

The investigation into Epstein, which dates back to 2005, yielded hard evidence; including “explicit photographs of teenaged girls, incriminating phone records, and – one girl’s high school transcript.”

According to Coulter, “when the Palm Beach police chief brought this mountain of evidence to Palm Beach County’s Democratic prosecutor Barry Krischer, he punted.” She added that “CNN and MSNBC did not breathe a word about a Democratic prosecutor refusing to hold a child rapist accountable.”

Coulter went on to talk about how a subsequent investigation led by the then-U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida (and current Labor Secretary) Alex Acosta led to Epstein plead guilty to “two state felony charges, accept a sentence of two years in prison, register as a sex offender, and pay restitution to his victims.” In the next paragraph, Coulter noted “still no coverage by MSNBC or CNN.”

Coulter proceeded to talk about a federal case brought by Paul Cassell and Bradley Edwards against the federal prosecutors for violating the Crime Victims’ Rights Act. Coulter highlighted that when Cassell and Edwards filed their case, they noted that many of Epstein’s victims claimed that men who frequented “Orgy Island,” where underage girls were used as “sex slaves,” included Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz, and Prince Andrew.

As for the media, she observed that “CNN gave extensive coverage to the celebrity-filled allegations, inviting Dershowitz on to defend himself and lavishing attention on the irrelevant prince...not once did CNN mention that Bill Clinton was named in the pleadings.”

Coulter identified MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes as “the only show” that “so much as acknowledged the bombshell case, also without letting on that Clinton had been named as a frequent Epstein guest by the child victims.”

Coulter concluded by talking about how the media are “suddenly hot on the trail of Jeffrey Epstein...because they found a Trump connection.” This “Trump connection” consists of “a 2002 quote from Donald Trump saying nice things about Epstein and photographic proof that Epstein was one of hundreds of thousands of people who have been to Mar-a-Lago.” 

Coulter highlighted how MSNBC’s Lawrence O'Donnell described Epstein as a “friend of Donald Trump” three times in a single segment. The same applied to MSNBC’s Joy Reid, who brought up President Trump six times during a segment about Epstein but did not mention his ties to President Clinton at all; despite the fact that court documents show that Clinton, not Trump, took 26 trips on Epstein’s private plane known as the “Lolita Express.” 

While Reid would have preferred not to highlight Epstein’s ties to Clinton, one of her guests brought them up; forcing Reid to admit “that’s right.”