Republicans Love Their Prostitutes

An Associated Press article printed in the Denver Post covers a recent concern of increased prostitution at political conventions from predominantly one angle - the Republican angle.

The travesty of media justice starts with the screaming headline:

Groups Predict Prostitution Spike at RNC

Odd that the Denver Post would print such an article, without noting that the source of the information also has concern about the Democratic National Convention. Or rather, not odd at all considering the DNC is being hosted in Denver. I suppose it wouldn't benefit the Post to run an article indicating that prostitution might be a problem in their home city.

However, nestled in the article, six paragraphs in, is an admission that the groups are indeed also concerned about prostitution in Denver as well. (Emphasis mine throughout).

Nevertheless, activist groups in both the Twin Cities and Denver, site of the Democratic National Convention, have been collaborating based on the idea that the conventions will give them a wider platform to spread their anti-prostitution message.

What would have been so difficult about the headline reading, Groups Predict Prostitution Spike at Political Conventions? No, the AP headline found it necessary to single out the RNC instead.

Additionally, the AP article cites the Minneapolis Star Tribune as the source of their information. The Star Tribune makes the following statement:

Nonetheless, activist groups have been meeting monthly in the Twin Cities since March developing a publicity strategy for the RNC. And local activists have been collaborating with a similar group in Denver.

Why would the author choose to make mention of concerns at both conventions so deep into the article? And why wouldn't the Denver Post, at the very least, add an addendum to the article indicating that there are alleged concerns right their in their own city?

The MSM had to rush this heavily biased piece out because of the crucial importance of the article. But, what of this is actually newsworthy?

Advocacy groups predict an increase in prostitution, yet police in both cities say they are mistaken based on research. According to the Star Tribune:

... police in both cities say that the groups are mistaken and that research indicates there will be no increase in the sex trade.

So the crux of the entire article is a baseless claim made by some groups making an assumption. That is the equivalent of running an article about people claiming the moon is made out of cheese, but scientists and astronauts dispute the validity of such a claim.

Not only is this work slanted toward an attack on the right, but it is simply not newsworthy.


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