My Generous Offer To Liberal Talk Show Host Bill Press

Liberal talk show host Bill Press recently said he sees no difference between the allegations against Herman Cain and that of a child-sex abusing ex-Penn State coach stating, “What’s the difference, really? There’s no difference. I mean, okay, we have maybe sexual assault in the case of Sandusky (Penn State coach), but let me tell you something, assuming, and if what Sharon Bialek says is correct, that’s a lot more than sexual harassment on Herman Cain’s part.”

Hmmm. Mr. Press sees no difference between the eye witness account of the alleged rape of a 10-year old boy in the locker room shower by 57-year old Jerry Sandusky and that of the allegations of sexual harassment against Herman Cain?

Mr. Press in order to help you clear your thinking I make this generous offer:

I challenge you to three minutes in the ring to see if that helps to clear your head and change your perception of events. Deal? After all competitive sporting activities have been known to be a life enriching experience for participants at any age.

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