Chris Cuomo Thrilled Obama 'Beat Trump Over The Head'

July 28th, 2016 11:12 AM

CNN New Day co-host Chris Cuomo got his own thrill up his leg during his trip to the liberal Disneyland known as the DNC this week. During the morning coverage on Thursday’s program, Cuomo could barely hold his excitement over the President’s comments regarding GOP nominee Donald Trump.

ALISYN CAMEROTA: Good morning, everyone. Welcome back to your new day. Chris and I are live here in Philadelphia at the CNN grill. Of course, we're at the site of the democratic national convention. So for Democrats, it was a night steeped in symbolism and history. President Obama saying that he's ready to pass the baton to Hillary Clinton, America's first black president there embracing his one-time rival and making the case for her to also make history. 

CHRIS CUOMO: I like this line so much I will use it twice. But before he passed the baton, 
he used it to beat Donald Trump over the head.
 The president making a constructive case for why Hillary is the only choice in this election, while others took to the podium last night to give the GOP nominee a beatdown. We have all that was said and what landed and what missed covered for you. Let's begin with CNN white house correspondent Michelle Kosinski, still inside that convention hall. Just can't tear yourself away.

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Later on in the program, Cuomo gave up trying to hold in his joy as he began to laugh uncontrollably when former Democratic presidential candidate Michael Dukakis said, “as I often say, I owe the country an apology. If I'd beaten old man Bush, we never would have heard of his kid and wouldn't be in this mess. I'm as much to blame as anybody.”