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Remso W. Martinez is a conservatarian blogger and podcaster. Remso's blogs and articles have appeared at FreedomWorks, The Libertarian Republic, the Farrell File, the Jason Stapleton Program, and the Blaze.

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CNN New Day co-host Chris Cuomo got his own thrill up his leg during his trip to the liberal Disneyland known as the DNC this week. During the morning coverage on Thursday’s program, Cuomo could barely hold his excitement over the President’s comments regarding GOP nominee Donald Trump.

In an interview with former presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson, CNN's New Day co-host Chris Cuomo repeatedly tried get the prominent Donald Trump supporter to backtrack on his RNC speech in which he linked Hillary Clinton to known radical Saul Alinsky. Carson made the link by discussing the long friendship between Clinton and the Fabian-Socialist, who dedicated his book, Rules for Radicals, to Lucifer.

In the midst of the RNC convention, CNN New Day host Chris Cuomo became unhinged during an interview with three conservative commentators as he pounced on the current GOP reluctance to discuss accusations of plagiarism against Melania Trump.

It’s hard to tell if CBS is in or out when it comes to the legalization of marijuana. Tuesday's segment on CBS This Morning painted a pretty rosy picture of the California initiative to legalize recreational pot. Opinions of the ethics of pot legalization aside, the piece only provided one example of negative criticism of the initiative if passed, and quickly glanced over that in order to repeatedly bring up the pros of the measure.

 Less than a week after the Dallas terrorist attack, and the liberal media has once again focused on providing attention to Black Lives Matter (BLM) protestors across the nation. The protestors continue to further spark and instigate force and other actions from the police by pulling such stunts as interrupting heavy traffic locations and everyday life with their "activism."

In a decision that has rocked the political landscape, FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday announced that the FBI will not recommend prosecuting Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. This decision to not indict Clinton has been covered by every major network. But in the wake of it, ABC and NBC on Wednesday skimped on coverage of last week’s private meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton, downplaying what Donald Trump called “a rigged system.”

In a display of awe and admiration, the cast of CBS This Morning were stunned to learn of the “generosity and trust” of Canadian families who currently host Syrian refugees in Toronto. During the interview with New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor, the hosts were excited to hear of the friendly and open Canadians while painting Americans (primarily Republicans) as “fearful” and Islamophobic.

CBS This Morning took a strange turn during its interview with Chaos Monkeys author Antonio Martinez. Martinez, who publically compared Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to "Fidel Castro", led co-host Gayle King to ask Martinez "is that a compliment?"

Sometime people can’t hold in a good laugh, but the hosts of CBS This Morning had a real difficult time holding in their giggling as they interviewed the star of the new show Braindead, Tony Shalhoub, who plays a Republican senator who has alien insects eating away at his brain, causing the lifelong politician to become a hardcore conservative. During the segment, the hosts of the show couldn't help themselves as they alluded the fact they felt that real life Republicans suffer from the same affliction as the ones on the show.

The Pope is at it again, this time issuing an apology to the LGBT community over the Catholic Church’s messaging over the nature of homosexuality and other LGBT related issues. During the segment discussing the Pope’s statement on CBS This Morning, co-hosts Gayle King, Norah O’Donnell, and Charlie Rose fawned and praised the Pope’s bending to the liberal tradition of raising up Christian figures who embrace the LGBT community, while attacking Christians who refuse to allow secular worldviews to bend their faith.

During an interview with the cast of CBS This Morning, Bernie Sanders got a fiery reaction from the cast as they pestered him for not dropping out and endorsing presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Co-host Charlie Rose began to show his frustration with Sanders, and as quickly as that started, fellow co-host Gayle King tagged in to take her turn of asking the same question to Sanders.

In the aftermath of the 25 hour long sit-in by House Democrats, where they attempted to push for a vote to attack gun rights and due process laws, Georgia Representative John Lewis appeared on CBS This Morning to discuss the issue with the show’s cast. During the interview, co-hosts Gayle King and Charlie Rose beamed with excitement and joy over the civil rights icon’s attack on your constitutionally protected rights.

In typical liberal fashion, the hosts of CBS This Morning provided a friendly forum to the Democratic National Committee Chair and and Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, while covering the House Democrats and their protest over gun control legislation. In a fashion that made it appear as if the hosts supported the Democrats’ childish behavior, co-host Gayle King took on a more conversational and supportive tone with the Congresswoman, instead of doing her due diligence as a journalist.

While reporting on Taylor Swift’s open letter to Congress regarding a drastic reform of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, CBS This Morning focused the story primarily on how Swift, along with many other high-profile entertainers such as Paul McCartney and Trent Reznor, felt YouTube was exploiting the artists' music by not taking a more proactive role in targeting and removing videos and other content that play licensed music without explicit permission from the artist or their record company.

Reports on ABC's World News Tonight on Monday and Good Morning America on Tuesday both downplayed the controversy, with correspondent Linzie Janis briefly remarking: "When asked his name, the gunman responds, 'My name is I pledge allegiance to Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi of the Islamic State.' Authorities initially redacting that pledge, but later releasing it caving into criticism." There was no mention of Republicans calling out the administration nor any use of the word "controversy."

In an already polarized political climate leading up to the convention season for the Democrats and Republicans, CBS This Morning threw the spotlight on a left wing activist group known as Color of Change. The “civil rights” organization is pressuring corporate sponsors of the RNC to pull out of sponsoring the Republican Convention. Color of Change, tied to such movements like Black Lives Matter, is currently circulating an online petition to coerce corporations and other organizations from participating in the RNC convention

During Wednesday's CBS This Morning, the usual slate of hosts -- Charlie Rose, Gayle King, and Norah O'Donnell -- were swooned and captivated by an illustrious billionaire CEO dipping his pen into national politics. No, this businessman is not Donald Trump for once, it was Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, which recently threatened to move its North Carolina offices and assets out of the state unless Governor Pat McCory overturns the religious freedom law which was passed in March.