Kimmel Mocks Summit as Two Kids 'Signing Each Other's Yearbooks' Before Summer Break

During his opening monologue on Tuesday evening, ABC late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel once again attacked Donald Trump, this time asserting that the Republican president “wanted to make it look like he did something big” in his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un -- “whether he did something big or not.”

The host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! tried to cast doubt on the results of the meeting in Singapore by declaring: "Trump claims he got North Korea to commit to destroying a major missile testing site,” but the president “was not leaving the summit without claiming he made a deal.”


The liberal comedian then quoted the president as saying: ”We didn’t put it in the agreement because we didn’t have time.”

“Usually when Trump signs an agreement with a foreigner, it’s a prenup,” he continued, “and those are … all in writing, but this is a different” situation.

After admitting he didn’t understand “what the real back story is,” Kimmel nevertheless stated: “I know the whole thing. Here’s how the whole thing went.”

He then claimed:

Trump wanted to make it look like he did something big ... whether he did something big or not. He was not leaving the summit without claiming he made a deal.

He sets the meeting, he has the sit-down, he hears what he wants to hear, blah, blah, blah. As soon as the meeting’s over, he runs out, calls a press conference, declares victory.

“Everyone goes home,” the late-night host added. “Kim Jong-un does nothing differently at all, and we go back to our lives, too.”

“In fact, the only thing we know they signed was a declaration of friendship,” Kimmel stated while a video showed Trump and the North Korean leader each signing a copy of the document. He slammed the agreement by joking: “It’s like they’re signing each other’s yearbooks before they leave for summer break.”

“Then Trump holds it up, this declaration of friendship,” he stated before joking. “It was especially awkward for the waiter who had to come over to inform Trump that he’d inadvertently signed the dessert menu."

As NewsBusters previously reported, this is far from the first time Kimmel has attacked Republicans and especially Donald Trump.

The liberal comedian originally came to the attention of the “mainstream media” in a monologue during May of 2017, when he ranted about his sick newborn son and slammed the GOP over its health-care legislation.

It wasn’t long before liberals at CNN began singing Kimmel’s praises and started airing clips and skits from his program that criticized Republicans for daring to question the comedian’s motives.

By September, ABC News was recognizing the late-night host as a critic of Republican lawmakers, and World News Tonight anchor David Muir claimed that people "will remember" his "bravery" while "standing up for health care."

Just one month later, Kimmel used the mass shooting in Las Vegas to blame the GOP and the National Rifle Association for that tragedy, which led to CNN calling him “America’s conscience” and the New York Times claiming he was similarly acting as “the country’s social conscience.”

The late-night comedian again attacked the “disgusting” GOP in December, which led broadcasters at ABC and CBS to applaud his efforts, especially when he accused Trump and other Republicans of being “obviously mentally ill” after the February 14 shooting in Florida failed to result in new gun-control legislation.

Of course, Kimmel also slammed the president as "a racist" for his use of a vulgar term while referring to other countries and after he rejected a plan to protect young immigrants in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Given this late-night host’s track record, it comes as no surprise that he would try to downplay any progress made between the U.S. and North Korea during the summit in Singapore. But going so far as to fabricate what happened behind the scenes just shows how deep his hatred runs for those on the other side of the political aisle.

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