John Oliver: Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump ‘Both Want to F**k Ivanka'

May 8th, 2018 10:06 AM

During Sunday’s edition of the Last Week Tonight on HBO, host John Oliver spewed a disgusting attacking, slamming Republicans Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump as “basically two versions of the same person” who “both want to f**k Ivanka,” the president’s daughter.

Those comments were part of a 15-minute-long segment in which the liberal comedian stated he was discussing “another plot twist” in the scandal he always calls “Stupid Watergate” before hammering the former New York City mayor even though he “only joined Trump’s legal team two weeks ago.”



The liberal host then played a clip of “America’s Mayor” making what he considered a “creepy comment about what would happen if prosecutors targeted Trump’s daughter.”

Giuliani stated:

I think I would get on my [Dodge] Charger and go right into their officers with a lance. Men are, you know, disposable, but a fine woman like Ivanka? Come on.

Jared [Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and Ivanka’s husband] is a fine man. You know that.

“Setting aside the sleaziness of calling Ivanka a ‘fine woman,’” Oliver then noted, “let’s not forget that he also just called a living human being disposable, which is pretty harsh.”

“But also,” he continued, “it is Jared, you know. He is basically a six-foot-three-inch stack of packing peanuts. He’s useless.”

The host went on to describe Giuliani’s career for his audience and stated: “The thing that he’s most famous for is being mayor of New York City on 9/11, after which he was rightly celebrated for being a calm, steady presence,” as well as Time’s Person of the Year.

In 2007, “Giuliani launched what was supposed to be his destiny: a campaign for president, which was catastrophically bad,” Oliver added.

“He talked nonstop about 9/11, with some supporters even holding a $9.11-per-person fund-raiser,” as if that was obviously a bad idea.

The liberal comedian continued by stating that Giuliani’s fame “triggered this memorable line from then-candidate Joe Biden during a debate:

There’s only three things he mentions in a sentence: a noun, and a verb, and 9/11.

I mean, there's nothing else. There's nothing else.

“He's right,” Oliver agreed. “Giuliani could not stop leveraging 9/11 for his own ends, as evidenced by his classic children's book, ‘One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, 9/11,’” a reference to a popular book by Dr. Seuss.

“And when you look at all of this in total, you realize: Giuliani's role as Trump's lawyer isn't an aberration,” he stated.

“Everything in his life has led to this point,” Oliver claimed. “And while he may well be providing terrible legal representation for Trump, he's actually the most honest representation of him in general.”

The host then made a disgusting comparison of Giuliani with Trump: “They're basically two versions of the same person. They're both New Yorkers coasting on their reputations.”

He continued:

They both had three marriages, neither of them can shut up when in front of a camera, and perhaps most importantly, they both want to f**k Ivanka.

Which is weird for trump because Ivanka is in his family, and it's weird for Giuliani because she isn't.

As NewsBusters previously reported, this isn’t the first time that the disgusting host of Last Week Tonight slammed Ivanka Trump.

During early March, Oliver joked that she has more sexual chemistry with her father than her husband when he claimed:

Kushner screwed up some important paperwork, keeps changing his personal wealth, and casually overlooked hundreds of foreigners. He truly is his father-in-law's son.

The only real difference is one of them has electrifying sexual chemistry with Ivanka Trump, and the other is Jared Kushner.

Here’s hoping that Oliver’s fascination with Ivanka Trump goes away very soon so he doesn’t always spend so much time attacking the president’s family.