LOL: Ed Schultz Blasts Fox News Host for Being Uncivil

If beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, then the host of “The Ed Show” on MSNBC is definitely wearing blinders.

During the Wednesday night edition of his program, Schultz attacked Steve Doocy of the morning “Fox and Friends” show for stating that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the subject of a new website that is “showing off this glamorous new face. Face-lift, perhaps?”

In a segment entitled “It's a Doocy,” Schultz said: “I don't expect much from the kids on the curvy couch on 'Fox and Friends,' but this morning, they hit a really new low.”

Since many people see the site as a first step toward a 2016 presidential campaign for Clinton, Doocy asked: “Is this the face of presidential ambition?”

He added: "Somebody has launched a new website for her, showing off her glamorous new face. Face-lift, perhaps? Her aides say this is merely a way for fans and the media to reach her."

“What?!?” Schultz thundered as he deliberately referred to the Fox News host as “Steve Douchey.” “It's very clear what he said and what he meant, but when called out for a sexist comment, he took to Twitter to do damage control.”

Saw some lefty blogs thought I say Hillary had a facelift. Nope, I was saying that the Hillary WEBSITE had a new pic, a facelift for the site.

“Really?” the liberal host asked. “See, the folks over at Fox News, they can’t even get their facts straight when they’re pretending to apologize. If he was really talking about the website, what’s the point of the side-by-side photographs" of Clilnton during the report?

“It's shameful, but what do you expect? It's Fox,” he stated. “The bar has been set pretty low, don't you think?”

As NewsBusters has reported, Schultz is about the last person on earth who ought to be denouncing low standards. He previously used his nickname for Doocy in January of 2012 after the morning anchor cited new research that described Fox News as the most balanced network in its coverage of the 2012 presidential campaign.

And for someone who obviously has a weight problem of his own, Schultz has a long record of either insulting or attempting to have fun at other people's expense.

One of the liberal host's targets is conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh. On July 19, 2009, Schultz said:

Apparently the drug-ridden loser Rush Limbaugh, he thinks because he's got a lot of money and a lot of stations that he's a success in life, the guy that can't hear because he did so many drugs and had no self-discipline and character has now taken his first shot at me on "The Ed Show" on MSNBC. I love it!

Two years later, while covering the budget battle in Wisconsin that resulted in a special election, the liberal host again took pot shots at the talk radio star.

“Maybe it’s understandable that a guy who tried to go to college but dropped out wouldn’t respect teachers,” he growled.

But I will say this tonight to America: If you want to follow the Limbaughs and the [Glenn] Becks of the world, and you want to turn your back on firefighters, you want to turn your back on police officers, you want to turn your back on nurses, you want to turn your back on brothers and sisters who have stood in solidarity to fight for the middle class in America, is that -- is that wrapping yourself in the flag?

Schultz then called for Limbaugh to support the union workers: "Hey, Rush, why don’t you wrap your fat ass in the flag?”

Soon after, GOP governor Scott Walker easily won the special election despite the efforts of Schultz and the local unions.

But the pinnacle of the MSNBC host's attacks on other people's physical appearance came in August 10, 2010, when he spent an entire segment going after New Jersey governor Chris Christie through a tirade of “fat” jokes with a background photo of the Republican official bearing the words “Battle of the Bulge.”

Schultz claimed that Glenn Beck had “some sizable praise” of Christie, called Laura Ingraham's support a “hefty endorsement,” and said discussion of the governor being elected president was “pretty hefty” talk.

And of course, no one can forget the statement that Schultz is probably the most famous for: his 2011 attack on conservative radio talk show host Laura Ingraham, whom he called a “slut” on the air twice -- far from an accidental slipup.

With a rap sheet a mile long making far more offensive statements than Doocy's silly throwaway line, Ed Schultz needs to take the beam out of his own eye.

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